Green Dealerships

Dealerships and the Environment

Dealerships embrace environmental protection, energy efficiency, and consumer safety and mobility.

NADA provides dealers with resources to efficiently reduce waste output, decrease energy use and comply with regulatory mandates. Check out the Driven management series for in-depth guidance on environmental compliance, water and wastewater management, hazardous waste and solid waste management.

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Throughout the Dealership

Regulatory Topics

The Dealership Regulatory Maze

Click around the map to see environmental issues in each dealership department.

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Green Driving


Help your customers save money and fuel.

Over time, these savings can add up. Purchasing a fuel-efficient vehicle is a smart choice to reduce gas costs; according to the EPA, vehicles with higher fuel economy can save between $0.28 and $1.10 per gallon. The EPA/DOE Guide on Fuel Economy and the EPA fuel economy label will help you educate customers on fuel-efficient products in each class.

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Alternative Vehicles

Dealerships understand the needs of environmentally minded customers.

Hybrid and plug-in technologies will inevitably become more popular with improved vehicle performance, greater model availability and incentives from OEMs, the government and others. NADA’s Dealer Guide to Marketing Electric Vehicles can help you talk with customers about new technologies.

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Marketing Alternative Vehicles

Dealers and Energy Star

NADA is committed to helping dealerships reduce energy use.

Energy Star partner NADA has partnered with EPA’s ENERGY STAR program since 2008. Over the years, more than 1,800 dealerships have been registered as ENERGY STAR members. Dealerships have made many investments to cut energy costs, with a focus on electricity used for lighting, heating/cooling and machinery.

Dealers are encouraged to spend 20 minutes to complete the ENERGY STAR Survey to help NADA establish a baseline for energy use by dealerships nationwide. When 800 surveys have been completed, dealerships will be able to earn ENERGY STAR certification.

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Green Dealer Guidance

Download the Green Dealer Guide

NADA’s Dealer Guide to ENERGY STAR: Putting Energy into Profits helps dealerships reduce energy consumption and save money by doing so. Download the guide for energy-saving tips and strategies.

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See how one Cleveland-area dealership has gone above and beyond to make his store clean and green.

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