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Green Checkup Guidelines

Green Checkup Guidelines for Participating Dealers

Check motor oil Check motor oil. Suggest topping off or changing oil as necessary with manufacturer-recommended grade, “energy conserving” oil. Estimated 0.1 tech hours.
Check filters Check air filters. Remove and visually inspect air filter for dirt buildup; suggest replacement if near the end of its recommended lifespan. 0.1 tech hours.
Engine tune-ups Engine and transmission performance. Perform road test; use diagnostic scan tool to check for fault codes; and check fluid levels and system operation. 0.5 tech hours.
Check brakes Brakes. Place vehicle on hoist, remove tires and visually inspect rotors and brake pads. 0.3 tech hours. 
Check warning lights Warning lights. Check for “Service Engine Soon” or “Check Engine” lights. 0 tech hours (if performed by service advisor).
Tire wear. Perform visual inspection for tire wear; if necessary, suggest manufacturer-recommended size and style and low-rolling-resistance replacement tires. 0 tech hours (if performed by service advisor).
Check tire pressure

Tire inflation pressureCheck tire pressure. 0 tech hours (if performed by service advisor).

Remove extra weight Unnecessary items that add weight to the vehicle. Look for and suggest removing heavy items from trunk and back seat. 0 tech hours (if performed by service advisor). 
Check emissions controls

Evaporative emission controls. Inspect fuel lines and gas cap and seal (your state may require more in-depth diagnostics.) 0.2 tech hours.

Total: 1.2 tech hours

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