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Hear from NADA Academy subject-matter experts on how to assess, train and engage the millennial sales force. Learn strategies and steps to improve sales performance, engagement, work ethic and culture. Return to your store feeling knowledgeable, empowered and motivated with the tools needed to execute a plan for millennials.

This workshop — recorded in 2016 — is available for informational purposes only. NADA makes no representations as to its completeness, accuracy, or timeliness and nothing in the recording and accompanying materials is intended to constitute legal advice. The content of this workshop recording: (a) is current as of the date of the recording; and (b) has not been reviewed or updated since that time. If this workshop recording includes guidance on legal and regulatory compliance, then it is relevant only as of the date of the recording. Dealers should refer to this webinar as guidance material at their own risk and only after consulting with legal counsel for any updates to federal law, as well as any relevant state and local law. Any reference herein to any entity, person, organization, activities, products, or services as well as any links to external websites, does not constitute or imply any endorsement, recommendation or approval by NADA. The presentation of this information is not intended to encourage concerted action among competitors or any other action on the part of dealers that would in any manner fix or stabilize the price or any element of the price of any good or service.

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