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EPA Offers More Disinfectant Options

JULY 24 -- The Environmental Protection Agency has expanded its approved list of COVID-19 disinfectants. The expanded list includes 32 new surface disinfectants to List N, the agency's list of products expected to kill the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

PPP Reopens

JULY 6 -- Over the weekend President Trump signed a bill to reopen the $660 billion Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). This law will keep the PPP open to all small business applications until August 8. There is approximately $130 billion available for potential PPP loans. 



Note: The PPP, created by Congress as part of the CARES Act, has proved critical to dealership employees. Many dealers who received a PPP loan have used it to keep employees on the payroll or bring back furloughed or terminated employees, even though economic conditions would have otherwise forced those dealers to make drastic and permanent workforce reductions. Many dealers will end up devoting 100% of their PPP loans to payroll expenses. 

NADA Chairman Talks Post-Pandemic Landscape on Podcast

JUNE 26 -- NADA Chairman Rhett Ricart appeared on yesterday's edition of Automotive News's Daily Drive podcast. Ricart spoke with industry experts, insiders and Automotive News reporters about how COVID-19 is impacting and reshaping the automotive industry.

NADA Issues New Guide on Reopening Dealerships

JUNE 26 -- NADA's newest Driven guide, Reopening Your Dealership During a Pandemic, comprises recommendations from government agencies, dealer associations and other stakeholders for practices dealers can consider as they reopen their businesses during COVID-19. 

The guide specifically highlights:

  • guidance that seeks to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, including dealership-wide and department-specific protocols for cleaning and disinfection, health screening and social distancing;
  • a task force charged with developing a detailed return-to-work plan;
  • virtual and onsite training for employees;
  • signage and communication that highlights the safety of employees and customers; and
  • appendices with examples of state association guidance and best practices, a training acknowledgment form and numerous signs and posters available for download.

Note: Review NADA’s earlier Driven Guide Safely Operating Your Dealership During a Pandemic.

NADA Reminds Dealers to Review Health & Safety FAQs

JUNE 26 -- As more businesses reopen it’s important to follow the latest federal, state and local COVID-19 health and safety protocols to protect employees and customers and avoid legal pitfalls. For more on health and safety, see NADA’s FAQs Dealership Health and Safety Concerns During a Pandemic.

Dealers Using PPP Loans to Keep Employees on the Payroll

JUNE 26 -- The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), created by Congress as part of the CARES Act, has been critical in keeping dealership employees on the payroll during COVID-19. Many dealers who received PPP loans have used them to keep employees or bring back furloughed or terminated employees, even when economic conditions would have otherwise forced those dealers to make drastic and permanent workforce reductions. Many dealers will end up devoting 100% of their PPP loans to payroll expenses.

See NADA's fact sheet about the benefits of the PPP to dealership employees.

Note: Before the pandemic, America’s franchised dealerships collectively employed more than 1.1 million and provided employees with $69 billion in wages. Wages have remained intact for hundreds of thousands of dealership employees thanks to the PPP.

SBA Launches Online Tool for Small Businesses

JUNE 19 -- The Small Business Administration launched Lender Match, an online tool to pair small businesses with Community Development Financial Institutions, Minority Depository Institutions, Certified Development Companies, Farm Credit System lenders, microlenders, and traditional smaller-asset lenders in the Paycheck Protection Program. Lender Match is an additional resource for pandemic-affected small businesses that have not applied for or received a PPP loan.

NADA Quick Links Are Always Available

JUNE 19 -- NADA has prepared a wealth of resources during the pandemic. We encourage dealers to continue accessing our Quick Links any time to get information about the PPP, Main Street Lending Program, reopening guidance and more. 

Quick Summary of Federal Loan Programs

JUNE 19 -- Borrowers may apply for both an Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) and a PPP loan, but cannot spend the funds on the same expenses. Borrowers cannot have more than one PPP loan. Interested dealers should consult with their CPAs and at least one prospective lender. A summary of the different programs: 

  • Economic Injury Disaster Loan: Maximum loan $150,000; maximum forgivable $10,000; 3.75%/up to 30 years.
  • Paycheck Protection Program: Maximum loan $10 million; maximum forgivable is total loan amount spent on qualifying expenses; 1%/up to five years.
  • Main Street Lending Program: Maximum loan $35 million (can be higher by expanding an existing loan); none of the loan amount is forgivable; Libor + 300 points/up to five years. 

Resources for Reopening Safely

JUNE 19 - NADA offers multiple resources for keeping customers and employees safe throughout the reopening phase. NADA urges dealers to also check guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and their own state health departments. 

For compelling data on consumer trends during the post-pandemic landscape, visit NADA’s blog and the Dealership Lifeline Series Webinars on:

For important tips on securing your network from cybercriminals in the COVID-19 environment, see NADA’s blog posts: 

Note: The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released the Cyber Essentials Toolkits which provides a starting point for small businesses to address cybersecurity risks during and after the pandemic. 

FTC Takes Action Against Deceptive COVID-19 Advertising

JUNE 17 -- The Federal Trade Commission is taking legal action against a scheme that allegedly deceived consumers with mailers purportedly advising them on obtaining COVID-19 stimulus benefits, but instead luring them to a used-car sale. Dealership compliance officers advise dealers to practice appropriate advertising methods during the pandemic.

NADA reminds dealers that while they can tout the efforts they are taking to accommodate consumers and to fight the spread of the virus in their stores and vehicles, they should exercise caution and avoid any sales or marketing efforts that are related to COVID-19; or tactics that are related to the pandemic, the CARES Act, or other federal efforts to address the pandemic.  

For information on how to keep your advertising compliant during and after the pandemic, visit the NADA blog and the Dealership Lifeline Series: 

OSHA Provides Guidance for Masks in the Workplace

JUNE 15 -- The Occupational Safety & Health Administration provides FAQs for masks in the workplace and links to other resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Important questions include: 

  • Are employers required to provide face coverings for workers?
  • If I wear a reusable face covering, how can I keep it clean? 
  • Do employers still need to ensure social distancing in the workplace? 

Auto Industry Recovery from COVID-19 Could Take Years

JUNE 12 -- A new forecast from Bank of America Corp. says global vehicle sales could fall year-over-year by more than 20% in 2020 until levels return in 2023.

  • It will take a few years for the U.S. auto industry to rebound, including the sales of cars and trucks;
  • 8 million new vehicles are projected to be sold this year, which would mark a 25% decline from 2019;
  • It could take until the mid-2020s before annual sales return to more than 16 million; and
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged nearly 1,900 points on Thursday, to its lowest since March. 

Number of Lawsuits Against Businesses Continues to Grow

JUNE 11 -- The number of COVID-19 related lawsuits against employers continues to grow. Litigation includes allegations of failure to protect workers, customers and vendors; allegations of coronavirus exposure have steadily increased.  

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that allegations related to COVID-19 occur in more traditional types of claims, such as employment discrimination wherein plaintiffs claim the pandemic was used as a pretext for wrongful termination and securities fraud. 

Businesses Prepare for Hurricane Season During Pandemic

JUNE 11 -- The hurricane season adds another layer of complexity for businesses still recovering from the pandemic. The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently released COVID-19 Pandemic Operational Guidance for the 2020 Hurricane Season. The guidance helps businesses establish preparedness plans and understand vulnerabilities. According to FEMA, important questions businesses should consider include:

  • Do you have a plan to respond and have all required tasks assigned?
  • Do you have a plan to determine which personnel must be physically deployed to the field and how they will be protected with personal protective equipment and other measures?
  • Have you considered the extra time it may take to evacuate given the need for social distancing?

CDC, OSHA Provide Guidance for Workers and Employers During Reopening

JUNE 10 -- The Centers for Disease Control and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration provide continuous reopening guidance for the business community. NADA encourages dealers to regularly check these sites: 

NADA Webinar Explains New Changes to the PPP

JUNE 8 -- Last week, President Trump signed into law the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act (PPPFA) to address small business concerns. In the Lifeline Series webinar PPP Flexibility Act of 2020: Impact on the Use and Forgiveness of Loan Proceeds, NADA's Andy Koblenz and Doug Greenhaus will explain important changes for dealers who received PPP loans and intend to have their loan proceeds forgiven.  

NADA's forgiveness analysis details the PPPFA’s changes and reviews important issues involving PPP loan proceeds use and forgiveness.

U.S. Economy Shows Signs of Life in May

The U.S. economy is showing signs of life heading into June. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2.5 million jobs added in May include:  

  • 2 million leisure and hospitality jobs;
  • 464,000 construction jobs;
  • 424,000 education and health services jobs;
  • 368,000 retail trade jobs; and
  • 225,000 manufacturing jobs. 

Last month the unemployment rate fell to 13.3%, and the labor force grew by 1.7 million. Employment in the labor market reflects limited economic activity due to COVID-19. There is still a deficit of 20 million jobs. 

Most Small Businesses Are in Process of Reopening

JUNE 5 -- According to a new poll from MetLife and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, eight out of 10 business are in the process of reopening their doors. Some 55% of business owners believe it will take more than six months to be fully operational. Additionally, private employment has dropped over 15% since the onset of the pandemic. Small business employers bore the brunt of the job loss, with a decline of more than 17%. 

Trump Signs Executive Order to Advance Infrastructure After COVID-19

JUNE 5 -- Yesterday President Trump signed an executive order directing federal agencies to use their lawful emergency authorities to expedite critical infrastructure projects. The goal is to facilitate the nation’s economic recovery during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Private Employment Drops More Than 15% Due to COVID-19

JUNE 2 -- According to the Small Business Administration, private employment has dropped over 15% since the onset of the pandemic. Small business employers bore the brunt of the job loss, with a decline of more than 17%.  

See NADA’s concise summary of federal aid programs available to qualifying businesses. 

Navigating Auto Sales After COVID-19

JUNE 2 -- Dealers can expect the trend of virtual retailing to stay after the pandemic. Today’s retail landscape includes higher used-car inventories, smaller new-car inventories and consumers who prize affordability more than ever. Dealers have a valuable opportunity if they have the right tools.

Note: For information on consumer trends during and after COVID-19, visit NADA’s resources on Accelerating Auto Trends in the Time of COVID-19 and Top Google Analytics Reports Dealers Should Know.

Coronavirus Conditions Preventing Auto Sales from Surging

JUNE 1 -- Retail sales through the end of May reached around 670,000 units. J.D. Power notes a 24% decline from its pre-virus forecast. There are several reasons why sales didn't surge when stay-at-home orders were lifted: 

  • Many lessees have not returned to the market due to an absence of lease incentives, and many lessees have extended their leases, keeping them out of the market. 
  • Vulnerable populations are still staying at home: sales to buyers age 66 to 75 were down 30%, and 37% for buyers over 75.
  • Sales to subprime buyers fell behind in the overall market due to financial hardship from COVID-19. Subprime buyers accounted for 7% of retail sales through May 24 (down from 10% pre-virus).

Visit NADA’s blog and view Lifeline Series Webinars on:

CISA Releases New Cyber Essentials Toolkit

JUNE 1 -- The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released the first in a series of six Cyber Essentials Toolkits, which provide a starting point for small businesses to understand and address cybersecurity risks during COVID-19. 

Note: View NADA’s cybersecurity tips in the blog posts Fake Coronavirus Tracking Sites Infecting IT Systems and Best Practices for Using Zoom and Other Digital Platforms.

America’s Unemployment Rate Could Reach Great Depression Levels

MAY 29 -- There are now 41 million Americans who have filed for unemployment benefits according to the latest Department of Labor unemployment report. After peaking at 24.9 million, the number of Americans continuing to receive unemployment benefits fell to 21.1 million, signaling that some Americans are returning to work.

Note: NADA’s Federal Emergency Leave Mandates FAQs reflect the DOL’s addition on employee leave eligibility. These rules cover employee eligibility for emergency paid sick or childcare leave. 

EPA Alert Urges People to Continue Disinfecting Spaces

MAY 29 -- The Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released updated guidance to help facility operators properly clean and disinfect spaces. The guidance provides step-by-step instructions to clean public spaces, workplaces, businesses, schools and homes. The EPA also compiled a list of disinfectant products that can be used against COVID-19.  

Note: NADA’s Dealership Health and Safety Concerns During a Pandemic FAQs also give guidelines on how you can safely operate your dealership.  

DOL Issues Alert on Social Distancing to Keep Employees Safe at Work

MAY 29 -- The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued an alert listing steps employers can follow to implement social distancing in the workplace and help protect workers from COVID-19 exposure. 

Download NADA's Safely Operating your Dealership During a Pandemic for useful checklists. 

Sense Should Guide Dealer Advertising

MAY 28 -- Dealership compliance officers advise dealers to practice appropriate advertising methods during the pandemic. One controversial billboard urged people to put a down payment on a new car using the $1,200 from the COVID-19 economic stimulus package. Tactics like this could earn the attention of a state attorney general or the Federal Trade Commission. 

Note: NADA provides multiple resources for initiating successful advertising that remains compliant during the pandemic. Visit the NADA blog or lifeline webinar series on Digital Marketing Framework for Navigating Uncertain Times and Online Sales: What Dealers Need to Know

Agencies Provide Multiple COVID-19 Resources for Businesses

MAY 27 -- There are multiple health resources specific to businesses and maintaining a healthy environment during the pandemic. NADA encourages dealers to continue following best practices from the CDC and local health departments. 

Business Owners Anticipate Changes to the PPP

MAY 26 -- Last Thursday, the Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act was introduced in a bipartisan effort to make changes to the Paycheck Protection Program. The new bill proposes to: 

  • Eliminate the limit on using funds for non-payroll expenses; 
  • Extend the period for using the funds past eight weeks; and
  • Extend the period for paying back portions of the loan that aren’t forgiven beyond two years. 

Note: NADA updated its CARES Act FAQs with information for loan certifications and to reflect the most recent forgiveness elements in the PPP. The FAQs will be updated as more federal guidance is released. Please review NADA’s analysis of question 46 of the SBA's FAQs (question 46 establishes a new safe harbor for borrowers who received PPP loans of less than $2 million and effectively removes the prior May 14, 2020, repayment deadline). 

Car Shoppers Are Motivated for Holiday Weekend

MAY 22 -- Memorial Day weekend marks the first big sales push since the pandemic began, as some states have resumed in-person retail sales. Online data shows that steep discounts are motivating the car-buying public for the upcoming holiday. A survey of in-market shoppers indicates: 

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  • 33% of consumers in the market for a car are motivated to purchase a vehicle this weekend;
  • 53% are looking for new vehicles, especially trucks and SUVs; and
  • 35% are looking to take advantage of great deals, such as 0% financing.

NADA offers multiple resources for keeping customers and employees safe this weekend and throughout the reopening phase. NADA urges dealers to check guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and state health departments.

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Lawmakers Begin Efforts to Rework PPP

MAY 21 -- Recent reports show many businesses are struggling with the PPP rules. Congress is preparing to make significant changes to the PPP after small-business owners expressed difficulty accessing the funds. The changes will likely include more spending flexibility for employers. Under the current terms, 75% of PPP funds must be spent on employee salaries to qualify for loan forgiveness. 

Note: Yesterday NADA updated its analysis of Paycheck Protection Program loans to reflect the federal forgiveness application documents published on May 16. NADA urges dealers to review these items carefully and provide the application and accompanying documents to their legal and accounting advisors. NADA’s analysis will be updated as more federal guidance is released.

Trump Signs Executive Order to Slash Regulations and Help Jumpstart Economy

MAY 20 -- President Trump signed an executive order to slash regulatory red tape in an effort to help the economy and empower small businesses as they recover from the damage of the pandemic.  Learn more

SBA Releases Coronavirus Recovery Information in Multiple Languages

MAY 19 -- The Small Business Administration and the Treasury Department released Coronavirus Recovery Information in Other Languages. Languages include Spanish, Polish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Hindi and many more. The new materials aim to help diverse business owners access the coronavirus information they need. 

Dealers can help keep their employees safe by downloading and displaying the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s poster Ten Steps All Workplaces Can Take to Reduce Risk of Exposure to Coronavirus, now available in 13 languages. For more information on safety guidelines visit OSHA's website

CDC Consolidates Information for Businesses and Employers

MAY 18 -- The Centers for Disease Control has consolidated its coronavirus information for businesses in one place. Best practices can be found in its COVID-19: Businesses & Workplaces page. NADA encourages dealers to review CDC’s guidance for prevention and support, download helpful posters and use checklists for the workplace environment.

One Major Industry Is Making a Comeback

MAY 15 -- The auto industry is one of the major sectors that is making a comeback. Tens of thousands of auto workers are returning to factories and dealerships in the next few weeks. The Associated Press estimates more than 133,000 U.S. workers are expected to return to the automotive sector, not including the retail auto sector like dealership staff. 

  • Auto sales fell 46% in April compared to a year ago; forecasts predict a 30% decline in May.
  • Sales have been juiced by incentives (0% financing for seven years).
  • Pickup trucks are still in high demand (from January through April total auto sales were down 21%, but pickups were off only 4%.) 

See NADA Chairman Rhett Ricart’s video message as dealers across the nation begin to reopen their doors and help kick-start their local economies. 

Coronavirus-Related Lawsuits Against Businesses Double

MAY 15 -- Since May 1 there have been more than 700 new lawsuits filed in state and federal courts against businesses including hospitals, airlines and cruise lines, fitness chains and the entertainment industry. Claims include exposure to COVID-19 and inadequate protection for workers.

Other lawsuits are related to the Paycheck Protection Program, employment discrimination and insurance coverage disputes. Senator Mitch McConnell said liability protection for employers must be included in the next round of pandemic legislation.

NADA provides multiple resources for keeping customers and employees safe. NADA urges all dealers to check guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and state health departments.

NADA Chairman Rhett Ricart: America’s Dealers are Putting People Back to Work

MAY 14 -- In a new video message, NADA Chairman Rhett Ricart recognizes dealers everywhere as they begin to safely reopen their doors and help kick-start their local economies. Ricart reinforces that safety is the priority and dealers have been working hard to implement best practices that will keep customers and employees safe for the long-term.

Watch the video

EPA Makes It Easier for Consumers to Find Safe Disinfectants to Fight Coronavirus

MAY 14 -- Yesterday the Environmental Protection Agency released its List N Tool, an app that allows users to quickly identify disinfectant products that meet EPA’s criteria for use against COVID-19. The new app:

  • Gives businesses and consumers critical information for cleaning and disinfecting buildings.
  • Provides a list of more than 400 surface disinfectant products that meet the agency’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19).

EPA also announced actions to ensure new disinfectant products are safe and effective to use against COVID-19 and can be added to EPA’s list as quickly as possible.

Americans Want to Own Cars, Especially During a Pandemic

MAY 13 -- Dealers have long defended the idea of personal car ownership. Recent surveys show that commuters are choosing cars over public transportation  to avoid exposure to the coronavirus. Lissette Gole, Google’s head of Automotive Retail, said people are finding comfort in car ownership during COVID-19. Google data showed: 

  • Public transportation has seen a 28% drop;
  • Ridesharing has seen a 26% drop;
  • 24% of people have stopped using public transportation entirely; and
  • 800,000 people are currently in the market for a new vehicle.

See NADA’s Accelerating Auto Trends in the Time of COVID-19 for more details about emerging consumer trends. 

America’s Truck Dealers Rise to the COVID-19 Challenge

MAY 13 -- The truck dealers of America have not sat still during COVID-19. Just the opposite: they’ve worked tirelessly to keep employees and customers safe, keep commerce rolling, and support their local communities during this unprecedented time. Read the blog post

How Digital Retailing Impacts Profitability

MAY 12 -- NADA Academy instructor Michael Lucki and Roadster chief marketing officer Michelle Denogean examined profitability for dealership sales relative to a dealers’ digital retailing capabilities, and shared best practices on how to increase profitability per vehicle sold. Read the blog post

AutoNation Chairman and CEO Mike Jackson Talks COVID-19 Impact on CNBC’s Squawk Box

MAY 11 -- As state and local guidance across the country are allowing non-essential businesses to open, dealerships have been up and running—allowing them the opportunity to further enhance safety measures for their employees and customers. Safe operating procedures was just one of the items AutoNation chairman and CEO Mike Jackson discussed during his appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box on Sunday, May 9.  Read the blog post

California Releases Manual for Dealerships During COVID-19

MAY 11 -- California recently released the COVID-19 Industry Guidance: Automobile Dealerships and Rentals, which provides comprehensive guidelines for a safe and clean working environment. Sections include work-specific plans; employee training during a pandemic; cleaning and disinfecting protocols; and individual control measures and screening. 

For more information on safely operating dealerships, see NADA’s resources:

More Than 22 Million Americans are Jobless

MAY 7 -- Unemployment numbers are shocking: more than 22 million Americans are now jobless, according to the Department of Labor. One in five workers has filed for first-time unemployment benefits since mid-March, and 3.2 million Americans filed jobless claims last week alone.

NADA Retirement from Empower is doing what it can to ease the burden: fees will be waived on all new retirement plans and hardship withdrawals to support dealerships and their employees’ financial needs during the pandemic. These changes cover all tax-qualified workplace retirement plans in the program in accordance with plans that permit such distributions and include new provisions allowed under the CARES Act.  

Using Conversational AI to Boost Sales

MAY 6 -- In this day and age, mainstream communications platforms like email, phone calls and text messages alone are not enough to meaningfully engage with consumers. Read the blog post

NADA’s April Market Beat: SAAR Falls to 8.6 Million Units

MAY 5 -- NADA Chief Economist Patrick Manzi reports that new light-vehicle sales fell sharply to a SAAR of 8.6 million units. April marks the lowest selling rate in almost 30 years. Silver lining: many industry analysts believe auto sales have bottomed out and are showing signs of recovery. The full report can be found in NADA's April Market Beat. Read the blog post

Ohio Dealer Michelle Primm on COVID-19 Lessons Learned

MAY 5 -- Michelle Primm, general manager of Cascade Auto Group, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, shared her view of the current crisis and lessons learned with Automotive News Publisher Jason Stein on this Automotive News Daily Drive podcast. Read more

White House Releases Testing Blueprint

APRIL 30 -- Some states are in the process of re-opening some businesses by next week. As part of the three-phased Guidelines for Opening Up America Again initiative, President Trump recently released a Testing Overview and Testing Blueprint. The guidelines aim to help states re-open in the coming weeks.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also released updated guidance to help facility operators and families properly clean and disinfect spaces. The guidance was developed by the White House and provides step-by-step instructions for public spaces, workplaces, businesses, schools and homes and falls in line with the Opening Up America Again guidelines.

For more information on safely operating a dealership during COVID-19, see NADA’s Dealership Health and Safety Concerns During a Pandemic FAQs

EPA, CDC Release Guidance for Sanitizing Where Americans Live, Work and Play

APRIL 29 -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released updated guidance to help facility operators and families properly clean and disinfect spaces. Developed in concert with the White House, the guidance provides step-by-step instructions for public spaces, workplaces, businesses, schools and homes and falls in line with the Opening Up America Again guidelines. For more information on safely operating a dealership during COVID-19, see NADA’s Dealership Health and Safety Concerns During a Pandemic FAQs.

Webinar: Reduce Annual Health Insurance Costs Within 90 Days

APRIL 29 -- With local governments contemplating re-opening economies and workers in desperate need of paychecks, employers must prioritize health benefits and give employees the safety and peace of mind they need to resume their lives. Read the blog

Webinar: Proven Fixed Ops Strategies During COVID-19

APRIL 28 -- NADA hosted a webinar, Proven Fixed Ops Strategies During COVID-19, offering members insights and best practices to keep their dealership service bays busy by sharing the right messaging with customers through the best channels. Read the blog

Blog: ATD Wants Your Coronavirus Story

APRIL 28 -- ATD wants to highlight what dealers are doing to support their local communities, including first responders, charitable organizations and families, during this difficult time. Read the blog

Help Beat COVID-19 Disruptions with 2020 NADA Show Workshops

APRIL 28 -- The industry landscape has changed dramatically the NADA Show in February, but we have tools to help keep dealerships afloat during the pandemic. NADA’s 2020 Show workshops are now available to help dealers and employees prepare for the months ahead. View NADA Show Workshops to get the resources to renew and rebuild your business. NADA’s workshops are led by top industry experts, with subjects relevant before, during, and after a pandemic. And NADA Show workshop recordings are free of charge to all NADA & ATD members. View the Show workshops

NADA Blog: What Exactly Is “Digital Retailing” and What Should Dealers Consider When Engaging Vendors?

APRIL 28 -- As part of NADA’s Dealership Lifeline Webinar Series, NADA provided an overview of online sales and the types of technical assistance dealers will likely need to implement or enhance a customer-focused online sales experience. Read the blog

NADA Blog: More Best Ideas from NADA 20 Groups

APRIL 27 -- Despite the economic turbulence, there are things dealers can do right now to improve their situation and begin preparing to re-open their doors safely.  Read the blog

How Dealers Should Approach the PPP Loan Process Today

APRIL 27 -- The Small Business Administration today resumed accepting PPP loan applications from approved lenders on behalf of any eligible borrower. Borrowers are now expected to certify that they need the money.

  • Existing applications will be processed first.
  • Dealers who previously completed PPP loan applications do not need to resubmit their applications, or submit new applications, to their bank.
  • Dealers who intend to apply for a PPP loan should contact their banks regarding their applications ASAP. 

Note: New SBA guidance—updated on Sunday—says, “Large companies with adequate sources of liquidity to support the business’ ongoing operations … must certify in good faith that their PPP loan request is necessary.”

NADA Retirement Waives Fees for Loans and Hardship Withdrawals

APRIL 24 -- As of today, more than 26 million Americans have filed for unemployment. NADA Retirement is doing what it can to ease the burden: fees will be waived on all new retirement plans and hardship withdrawals to support dealerships and their employees’ financial needs during the pandemic. These changes cover all tax-qualified workplace retirement plans in the program in accordance with plans that permit such distributions and include new provisions allowed under the CARES Act. The team at NADA Retirement from Empower is responsive and proactive regarding employer and employee 401(k)-related concerns.

NADA Blog: Kick-Start Auto Leads Before and After COVID-19

APRIL 23 -- There’s a great opportunity for dealerships despite COVID-19 disruptions. That’s what Matt Niess, director of Business Development at Automotive-Mastermind, wants business owners to know in the Lifeline Series webinar.  Read the blog

Auto Sales Show Signs of Recovery

APRIL 23 -- There’s light at the end of the tunnel: auto retail sales have showed three straight weeks of improved growth this month according to J.D. Power and Associates. Around 300,000 new vehicles were sold in the first 19 days of April, indicating signs of recovery. April sales are a full 11 percentage points higher than at the end of March. May sales will be critical for the auto industry. Showroom sales are now allowed in 24 states and online sales are allowed in the other 26.

NADA Chairman: “When You Need Us, We’ll Be There”

APRIL 22 -- NADA Chairman Rhett Ricart, in a heartfelt video message, praises dealership support of local communities. It’s a message echoing around the country as local dealerships selflessly support the unique needs of their hometowns.  Read the blog post

The PPP Can Help Keep Businesses Afloat

APRIL 22 -- With unemployment at historic highs, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) recently received a second infusion of money for business loans, Established by the CARES Act, the PPP is implemented by the Small Business Administration in conjunction with the Treasury. Please check the top-line overview of the paycheck protection loan program, which provides small businesses with funds to pay up to eight weeks of payroll costs and benefits. 

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Please check for current information on these topics:

Dealership eligibility -- Dealerships with fewer than 500 employees that have paid salaries and payroll taxes prior to February 15 can secure a loan up to 2.5 times the borrower’s average monthly payroll costs. For auto groups with more than 500 employees, eligibility affiliation rules may be waived under certain criteria. 

Tax benefits not available for PPP -- Dealers who obtain a PPP loan will not be able to defer the payment of payroll taxes or utilize the employee retention tax credit provided for in the CARES Act. Both are explained on page 11 of this document. Consult your financial advisors. 

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CDC Releases Reopening Guidance for Employers

APRIL 22 -- The Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention (CDC) has released guidance for employers reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dealerships should also follow recommendations from their state and local health departments when making decisions regarding reopening and the necessary steps to take during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Visit the CDC website

NADA Wants Your Coronavirus Community Story

APRIL 20 -- NADA wants to highlight what dealers are doing to support their local communities, including first responders, charitable organizations and families, during this difficult time. One auto group in Detroit offers an effective antimicrobial in-car spray to protect medical workers from the coronavirus. NADA is covering how local dealerships are supporting their communities in many ways, including offering the loan of cars and trucks for the delivery of groceries and medical supplies; donating and delivering meals to medical workers; offering free oil changes and select services to first responders; and sanitizing vehicles at no charge. Read the blog post

Check Out NADA's Dealership Lifeline Webinars

NADA is bringing you the information you need to navigate today’s business realities. NADA's Dealership Lifeline Series Webinars are designed to help new-car and -truck dealerships tackle the difficulties of running a business during a pandemic. Register for upcoming webinars or review archived webinar recordings in the Coronavirus Hub.

How the Coronavirus is Impacting U.S. Auto Sales

APRIL 17 -- According to J.D. Power, sales of new vehicles to consumers declined less than expected during the first 12 days of April. J.D. Power reported that domestic retail sales at the start of the month fell by about 55%, compared to its pre-pandemic forecast, which predicted an 80% decline. Read the story

NADA Issues Best Practices for Zoom and Other Meeting Platforms During Pandemic

APRIL 16 -- Video conferencing has increased exponentially as employees continue to telework. But cybercriminals are targeting and disrupting online meetings, specifically Zoom in hijacking attacks called "Zoom-bombing." To date, 500,000 Zoom accounts have been sold on the dark web. NADA has developed best practices for using Zoom and other digital platforms, including keeping software up to date; using passwords in meetings; and refraining from displaying meeting IDs or participants’ private information. The FBI has issued a warning for Teleconferencing and Online Classroom Hijacking During COVID-19 Pandemic, with further recommendations.

New Driven Guide: Safely Operating your Dealership during a Pandemic

APRIL 10 -- NADA's new Dealer Guide to Safely Operating Your Dealership During a Pandemic helps dealers maintain essential operations while minimizing unnecessary risks. The guide provides information from reliable sources including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for keeping employees and customers safe during the pandemic; cleaning and disinfecting dealership facilities and vehicles; and safely handling service and sales operations. Download the Guide

NADA Issues First Quarter 2020 Analysis of Auto Sales

APRIL 7 -- As the first quarter of 2020 has come to a close, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) issued an analysis of U.S. auto sales and the economy, including the initial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on both. Blog post

NADA Market Beat: Light-Vehicle Sales Down 34.1% in March

APRIL 6 -- With the near-complete shutdown of the U.S. economy, dealers are in survival mode. New light-vehicle sales fell significantly last month due to COVID-19.

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NADA Retirement Waives Fees for Loans and Hardship Withdrawals

APRIL 6 -- The economic downturn will likely lead to high levels of loan demands and hardship withdrawals over the next several months. NADA Retirement will waive fees on all new retirement plans and hardship withdrawals to support dealerships and their employees’ financial needs.

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  • These changes cover all tax-qualified workplace retirement plans in the program in accordance with plans that permit such distributions and include new provisions allowed under the CARES Act.
  • The team at NADA Retirement from Empower is responsive and proactive regarding employer and employee 401(k)-related concerns.
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NADA Chairman Rhett Ricart’s Latest Message to Dealers

APRIL 3 -- Watch the chairman’s update on NADA’s coronavirus response—including an important update on the Paycheck Protection Program, which dealers should access immediately—and NADA’s Dealership Lifeline Webinar Series.

Watch the video

NADA Blog: Peter Welch Shares What Dealers are Facing During COVID-19

APRIL 3 -- NADA President and CEO Peter Welch spoke with Automotive News Publisher Jason Stein on the publication’s Daily Drive Podcast highlighting NADA’s efforts to support dealers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Blog post

NADA Webinar: Managing Cash Flow: Making it through the COVID-19 Pandemic

APRIL 3 -- Archived recording available. Join this panel of NADA experts as they discuss best practices for sources of immediate cash and other cash flow essentials to ensure that your dealership maintains the lifeblood of its business. Watch the webinar

The FFCRA Takes Effect

APRIL 1 -- To assist employees with absences that may be related to COVID-19, the federal government passed The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). The FFCRA takes effect today. The Department of Labor published an Employee Rights poster explaining the provisions of the new FFCRA, including paid sick leave and expanded family and medical leave. NADA’s revised FAQs on FFCRA is an excellent resource that reflects DOL’s latest guidance.  

Phase 3 of Coronavirus Response Passed; Includes Employee Retention Credit and Other NADA-Backed Provisions

APRIL 1 -- On March 27, President Trump signed into law the $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Known as Phase 3, the bill is beneficial for dealerships of all sizes and includes generous provisions to help provide liquidity for dealerships and keep employees on the payroll. 

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NADA advocated for provisions included in the law, such as new federal funding to cover operational and payroll expenses for small businesses through June 30, deferring payroll tax payments for employers and other important tax relief. NADA urges all dealers to closely review its updated analysis for dealers, which provides a preliminary summary of provisions  relevant to dealers. In addition to those provisions, an additional $600 has been added to unemployment benefits per week for four months on top of what your state pays. Also note, the bill extended the tax filing date to July 15, 2020; the Treasury Department has delayed both the filing and payment of all income taxes until July 15. The Treasury guidance can be found here.  

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Employee Retention Credit FAQs Published

MARCH 31 -- The Republican Finance Committee staff has published Employee Retention Credit FAQs for informational purposes to help people understand the many different aspects of the CARES Act, including what businesses qualify, how much the credit is and how it is calculated. Read the FAQs

NADA, U.S. Chamber Address Business Elements of CARES Act

MARCH 30 -- NADA delivers important updates on 1) small business loans, including an NADA analysis for dealers and guidance from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Senate and 2) critical workforce infrastructure, including updated guidance from the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

NADA Blog: U.S. Chamber Issues Guide on Applying for SBA Loans

MARCH 30 -- The CARES Act provides $2 trillion of stimulus to individuals, businesses, and hospitals and other impacted industries in response to the economic distress caused by the pandemic.  Blog post

NADA Blog: Be on the Lookout for Fake Coronavirus Tracking Sites Infecting IT Systems

MARCH 30 -- Hackers are leveraging the popularity of these tracking maps to steal usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, browsing history, cookies and other information stored in users’ browsers.  Blog post

NADA Blog: Stronger Together: Auto Industry Unites to Get Through COVID-19

MARCH 30 -- The entire auto industry is pulling together to weather the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States and alleviate its long-term impact on auto retail sales. Blog post

NADA Chairman Rhett Ricart Addresses NADA Members in New Video

MARCH 27 -- NADA Chairman Rhett Ricart released a video in which he discusses the challenges facing dealers during the pandemic and highlights NADA's priorities, activities and resources available.

Watch the video

NADA Blog: How Commercial Trucks are Keeping America Stocked

MARCH 25 -- In times of mass uncertainty, one critical and essential business is commercial truck sales and service, to keep the country stocked with basic necessities, especially during a pandemic.  Blog post

NADA Blog: NADA Online Resources Offer Dealers Tools for Operating in a New Business Environment

MARCH 25 -- As dealers are maneuvering their operations and adapting to the state of business stemming from the coronavirus, NADA has a number of resources to support dealers along the way. Blog post

DOL Wage and Hour Division Publishes 'COVID-19 and the American Workplace'

MARCH 25 -- The U.S. Department of Labor continues to release new guidance on the new federal emergency leave mandates, including additional fact sheets, questions and answers, guidance on the mandated poster(s) and clarification regarding the 30-day enforcement policy. NADA will incorporate these changes into its dealer-specific FAQs.  |  Visit the DOL website

NADA Blog: Vehicles are Critical in a Lockdown

MARCH 25 -- As Congress is poised to pass a historic $2 trillion stimulus package to address the impact of the escalating COVID-19 health crisis, America’s auto dealerships continue to work through the challenges of operating during the coronavirus pandemic. Blog post

NADA Publishes FAQs on Recently Passed Coronavirus Paid Leave Bill

MARCH 24 -- NADA published frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act (FFCRA) signed into law last week by President Trump. The FFCRA included provisions that provide paid leave to workers affected by the coronavirus and offsets cost to businesses by offering fully refundable tax credits. View the FAQs

NADA, Trade Groups, Send Letter to President Trump Asking for Clearer Guidance on "Essential Services"

MARCH 24 -- The ability to provide replacement cars and trucks in response to any number of scenarios will be vital to ensuring that those in need of reliable personal transportation continue to have access to it, the groups said, stressing that franchised car and truck dealers recognize the need to conduct even limited sales and leasing activities in manner that protects the general public, our customers and our employees. 3/24/20 Blog post | 3/20/20 Blog post

Auto Dealerships are Stepping Up During COVID-19

MARCH 23 -- NADA publishes a blog post, "Auto Dealerships are Stepping Up During COVID-19," highlighting how dealers are working to keep their customers, employees and communities safe. Blog post

NADA Chairman Rhett Ricart Interviewed by CBT Automotive Network about Coronavirus

MARCH 23 -- NADA Chairman Rhett Ricart Discusses Challenges Dealers Face with the Coronavirus Crisis. Watch the Interview

Alliance for Automotive Innovation Documents North American Assembly Plant Closings

MARCH 23 -- The Alliance for Automotive Innovation releases a report outlining the factory output status of auto manufacturers' North American assembly facilities. Read the report

Responding to Coronavirus, NADA Provides Updates on Action, New Law

MARCH 19 -- The new coronavirus law provides certain eligible employees with potential coronavirus-related emergency paid sick leave, emergency family and medical leave, and expanded unemployment insurance. Blog post

NADA Coronavirus News

FET Suspension Likely to Be Decided in the Next Two Weeks

POSTED ON July 30, 2020

As the HEALS Act is now under negotiation, ATD urges dealers to call upon their lawmakers in Washington and secure inclusion of suspending the FET through 2021.  
Data Security and Privacy: What Dealers Need to Know

POSTED ON July 24, 2020

Increasingly stringent data security and privacy laws mean that technology providers will play a critical role in meeting these requirements for dealerships.  
ATD Truck Beat: Commercial Truck Sales Down 29.2% During First Half of 2020

POSTED ON July 14, 2020

As with most industries, truck sales the rest of the year will be dependent on the ability to control the spread of COVID-19.  
NADA Issues Second Quarter 2020 Auto Sales Analysis

POSTED ON July 09, 2020

During this quarter, retail sales recovered much more quickly than fleet sales from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.