Seminars: Buy, Sell or Hold

Dealership Buy, Sell or Hold Seminar


In this seminar, you will learn multiple methods for determining the value of a dealership. Learn how to estimate your blue sky multiple and the intangible value of the dealership, determine the tangible assets valuation, and complete an adjusted pro forma for your store.

In addition, you will understand the impact of current liabilities, financing and ownership structures, and the necessary approvals needed for the buy/sell. After completing this course you will be equipped to determine if it is time to buy, sell or hold your dealership.


  • Defining your vision for your dealership and potential growth.
  • An overview of the current buy/sell market.
  • Estimating your current dealership value using your own financial results and three time-tested methods. - Income approach - Market approach - Asset-based or cost approach
  • Understanding tangible versus intangible valuation.
  • Calculating financial statement adjustments to more accurately represent current operations.
  • Preparing an adjusted pro forma for your store.
  • Considering your OEM’s approval process and your methods to manage submissions and documentation.

PRICE: $1,795

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Dealership Buy, Sell, or Hold

March 8-10 | NADA Show | Encore Hotel, Las Vegas