Top 5 Ways to Use Video to Sell & Service More

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Erica Sietsma

75% of auto shoppers say video influenced their vehicle shopping behaviors. There is a 200+% increase in click-through rates when a video is included in an email to leads. Powerful numbers and dealers that leverage the power of video on search, social, and in their lead responses see results. You don't need a full production studio to add videos to your marketing.


Join Erica Sietsma, Chief Operating Officer at Digital Airstrike, as she shares the top five ways dealers can use video to help them sell and service more. Learn how adding video to your free Google My Business can generate 2,000 free views on your page every month. Also, learn how to use video to reach a highly targeted audience during streaming shows and live sports, and see the top ways to use video on new social site features and new social sites.

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