NADA IT Publications

NADA University’s publications provide dealers with FREE products so they can make the most effective use of their PC equipment and software. See the list of IT publications below.


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Computer Policies:  Eliminating Risks - This resource is designed to help protect your dealership from hackers, digital thieves, viruses, spyware, and your competitors.

Leveraging the Internet to Drive Sales - This resource outlines the needs of online consumers and how to meet them.

A Dealer Guide to Selecting IT Vendors – This resource outlines the process of selecting IT vendors, from the initial vendor’s product evaluation through the final selection and implementation. 

A Dealer Guide to Auctions:  Controlling Inventory, Increasing Profits - This publication discusses appraising, including computerized and online appraisal tools, buying and selling at auction and Internet auctions.

Electronic Disclosure Rules for Dealership Online Commerce - This reference explains the Federal Reserve Board rules requiring dealers to provide certain disclosures electronically.

A Dealer Checklist for IT and DMS Dealer Operations - This document is designed to help dealers assess their costs and requirements for hardware, networking, training, etc. for their DMS systems and all IT needs in each department.

Internet Process Management Checklist - This resource addresses the growing importance of the Internet in branding and marketing in dealerships.

A Dealer Guide to Safeguarding Customer InformationClick here to download a pdf of this publication.

STAR Publications                                 Go to STAR website

STAR Organization                                               

Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail (STAR) is a non-profit, industry-wide initiative to create voluntary IT standards to ease communication among dealers, manufacturers, and customers.  Manufacturers have adopted the STAR Dealer Infrastructure Guidelines (DIG) to establish common links to dealers' IT networks.  Dealers working in concert with the manufacturers use the DIG's proven IT solutions to lower their IT operating costs.  To access the DIG, click here (requires the free Acrobat Reader).  To learn more about STAR's dealer benefits go to

Dealer Benefits 

Collectively, STAR develops voluntary industry standards and researches emerging technologies for the benefit of dealers.  STAR is considered the IT standards organization for the retail automotive industry.  STAR’s Dealership Infrastructure Guidelines (DIG) describes what needs to be done in the dealership to get the entire dealership on the Internet. Most dealers and dealership staff won't need to read the entire DIG document.  However, they should give a copy to the technology vendor that's going to help them get all of the dealership departments on the Internet.  You should find the Executive Summaries and checklists of value to you and your dealership staff. To access the DIG, click here (requires the free Acrobat Reader).   Other technical standards and guidelines for dealers' IT vendors and the manufacturers are available on the STAR Specifications page.  Follow the “Quick Links” to the Specifications and Guidelines from the STAR home page.