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Information Technology (IT) Support Links for Dealers

Below is a list of links to IT sites that can provide a wealth of information to dealership staff who support IT systems. Some sites are more technical than others. Remember that these are not NADA Web sites, and NADA is not responsible for their content.

Technology Basics


A site to search for information on many IT topics, organized by platform and core technology. You can also get technical advice and webcasts.


If you need a quick definition of an IT acronym, file extension, or term, this is the site to use. It's easy, quick, and accurate.

NetLingo If you need help deciphering Internet Acronyms and Text Message Jargon (aka shorthand), this site will be extremely helpful.

Product Reviews, How-to Guides, Templates, IT News, etc.

Tech Republic

A gold mine of information on all IT topics including templates, downloads, technical Q&A, policies, checklists. Separate sections for IT managers and support staff


A resource for product reviews and pricing information. Find out who sells that new monitor you want at the lowest price.


This site offers hardware information, including reviews, editorials, buying guides, and more.

PDA Basics

If you are looking for more information about PDAs, you've come to the right place. Here, we'll discuss the basics of PDAs: what they are, how to use them, what operating systems are available, who manufacturers PDAs, and more. 

Downloads, Utilities, Drivers, etc.

This handy site from CNET offers access to more than 20,000 Windows, Macintosh, DOS, Linux, Palm OS, and Windows CE software downloads.


Drivers for everything from printers and scanners to video cards and modems.

PC Manufacturer Support

HP Support

If you have HP equipment, go here for technical support, drivers, software updates, and patches.

Dell Support

For those who support Dell equipment, make sure to put this on your Favorites list.

Lenovo Support

If you have Lenovo equipment, go here for support and downloads.

Microsoft TechNet

Microsoft’s site for IT professionals. The place to go for downloads, upgrades, and complete product information.

Microsoft Knowledge

A good place to start when troubleshooting a Microsoft product.

Microsoft Windows

Go here to find Microsoft's official site for all things Windows related.

General Technology


This Web site allows you to ask questions of IT experts who have experience in a variety of IT disciplines, including hardware, software, operating systems, programming, and more.

Tech Support Guy

Volunteer-run site for free help in solving support problems. FAQs and discussion forums on many topics.

Antivirus, Security, Hoaxes

McAfee Antivirus

A resource for virus alerts, anti-virus updates, virus prevention tips, and a complete anti-virus library.

Symantec Antivirus

A resource for Norton anti-virus updates, virus prevention tips, and a complete anti-virus library.


Want to know if the latest virus scare is real? offers straightforward info about computer virus myths, hoaxes, and urban legends.



Ever get an email that says "send this to everyone you know"?  These sites can tell you how to recognize hoaxes, chain letters, and other scams.

Note: Although all of the Web sites mentioned above are free, some require you to sign up for an account before you can use their services. This normally requires you to provide the site with an e-mail address.