National Automobile Dealers Association

ATAEs (State & Metro Associations)

The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) works with state and metropolitan dealer associations through the Automotive Trade Association Executives (ATAE), the association of professional dealer association chief staff officers. NADA officers and staff are in continual contact with ATAE members on issues of common concern, and ATAE representatives sit on key NADA operating committees.

ATAE works closely with NADA to serve dealers on all levels, providing governmental representation, industry and public representation, education and consulting programs, meetings and conventions, and a wide variety of products and services. ATAE members receive copies of all membership mailings, issue summaries, magazines, faxletters, and legislative alert memos sent to dealers.

Resources for ATAE Members

1. View ATAE resources, including:

     • ATAE Forum Listserv 
     • ATAE Memorandums 
     • Dealer Legal Topics 
     • National Organizations Section
     • Miscellaneous Resources
     • State Franchise Law Compendium
     • State Legal Affairs Monitor
     • State Legislation and Testimony  
     • State Legislative Web Sites
2. Director's Column: The Director’s Column is produced monthly by NADA Public Affairs and sent out by email and posted on It includes a message from the NADA Chairman, which provides commentary on NADA’s key issues, as well as timely articles that can be republished as news content in ATAE publications.
3. ATAE member information and a list of state and metropolitan dealer associations

4. Contact us: email Jim Moors or call (703) 827-6867.