Reinsurance - Structures, Taxation and Planning

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Jay A. Goldman, CPA

Andrew Weill

While F&I reinsurance can certainly be lucrative, it can also be very confusing. Furthermore, it is not one size fits all. Choosing the correct structure for your organization can have a significant impact on your after tax ROI. Additionally, the IRS is once again scrutinizing these transactions for compliance and has ramped up their audit activity.

Join Principals from firms Boyer & Ritter LLC and Weill & Mazer, APC to understand the primary reinsurance structures. They will review the tax implications of different reinsurance structures, the pros and cons of those reinsurance structures, and the current state of IRS scrutiny and audit activity.

*This webinar is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal or accounting advice.  Dealers should consult their attorney and accountant for information specific to their circumstances.

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