NADA Century Award

Washington Showroom-Century AwardsGuidelines
From blacksmiths and carriage makers to bicycle-shop owners and wagon builders, many of America’s new car dealers have been in the transportation business for more than 100 years. NADA honors those dedicated dealers with the NADA Century Award.

  • The dealership must be a member of NADA.
  • The dealership must have been in the retail transportation business for at least 100 continuous years.
  • The dealer must be a signatory to the NADA Code of Ethics.
Responsibilities & Restrictions

The NADA Century Award is issued based on the information that the dealership provides on the nomination application form.

The dealer principal is responsible for accuracy of information provided to NADA for award consideration.

Applicants for the NADA Century Award may be disqualified for providing any false information.

Each dealer is eligible to receive the century award only once in its history.

Award Century Award

Eligible NADA Century Award recipients will be presented with a custom-engraved crystal award and a letter from the current NADA Chairman.

Eligible recipients will be recognized in the NADA Convention Magazine, online and in the NADA Century Award display at the NADA Convention.

Advisory Board

NADA Executive Committee reserves the right to make the final determination on whether a dealership receives the award.

Nomination Procedure

Please complete the official NADA Century Award nomination application form and sign the NADA Code of Ethics. Submit any additional materials (biographies, articles, old and new photographs, digital images or videos, etc.), which NADA can use for publicity purposes, and send to:

National Automobile Dealers Association
NADA Century Award
Public Affairs (MS#2)
8400 Westpark Drive
Tysons, VA 22102
Fax: (703) 821-7075

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