Plan, Prepare, Pivot: What Lies Ahead in 2021

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Pete Margaros

Tanja Linken

Approaching the end of a year that could best be described as tumultuous, 2020 illustrated the critical need for dealership leaders to look beyond the next 15 days to proactively plan – and strategize – for the future. With a “new normal” defined by rapid industry evolution and changing consumer buying behaviors, success in 2021 (and beyond) will hinge on a dealer’s ability to proactively strategize for the future while remaining nimble to adapt to curveballs.

Join Tanja Linken, Executive Director Advisory Services at IHS Markit, and Pete Margaros, Senior Dealer Relations Manager at automotiveMastermind, as they discuss 2021 automotive industry forecasts and how dealers can start thinking ahead to prepare for projected changes to production, buying audiences and the overall dealership experience.

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