How AI Helps Dealers Make Faster, More Profitable Decisions

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Ben Flusberg

Helping dealers make smarter, real-time decisions has been a priority for a long time. But now, artificial intelligence (AI) is adding science to the art of decision making. This workshop will show how using AI is not a futuristic aspiration for dealers. Instead, dealers will learn how to benefit from AI-enabled solutions today. With the wide usage of sites like Amazon and Netflix, people are used to receiving personalized recommendations and even expect it. By harnessing the power of millions of data points, these solutions offer unmatched personalization to enable dealers to take action faster and be more profitable. With a recommendations engine powered by machine learning, dealers have a personalized shopping and buying experience. As a result, dealers can transact on the right car at the right price as easily as they can purchase a “recommended for you” product on Amazon or choose a Netflix show to watch.

Tags: Business Strategy and Management, Technology, Analytics, Digital and Web Technology

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