Fire Them Before You Hire Them: Top 10 Interview Strategies

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Jonathan Dawson and Oksana Drogan

“Either you lied or I’m crazy!” – As a manager, have you had this thought after hiring someone who did an amazing job in the interview, only to realize a few weeks later they can’t sell? Poor hiring strategies have several negative outcomes, including increased turnover and decreased profits. Attend this practical workshop to discover 10 effective interview strategies used at top performing dealerships. You will learn that one of the main goals of the hiring process should be to fire bad salespeople to prevent the mistake of hiring them. We will teach you how to avoid common mistakes, test for the critical skills that are necessary for success in car sales and determine if an applicant is a good fit.With our turnover rate of 74% for sales staff, and an average annual cost of $50,000 per employee lost, you cannot afford to miss this presentation!

Tags: Personnel Management, Culture, Recruiting, Retention

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