Dealership CX: Buzzword or Today's Competitive Edge?

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Ian Grace

David Effren

When it comes to standing out from the crowd to acquire new buyers and defend against customer defection, it's not just the local competitor that modern dealerships need to contend with. Competition from online-only retailers and emerging direct-to-consumer brands have steadily increased amid rapid digitalization.

While ongoing inventory shortages challenge a vast majority of dealerships, leaving little room for flexibility on pricing, modern dealers must understand that investing in tools and the people needed to deliver an exceptional customer experience is truly the key to converting today's buyers. Successful dealers will view CX as more than a buzzword – it’s a competitive advantage.

In this session, attendees will learn why taking a proactive approach to customer experience gives dealers a competitive edge against online-only retailers when it comes to both converting buyers and acquiring pre-owned vehicles – as well as insights into what today’s buyers want so dealers can truly deliver.

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