Cybersecurity: Prevention is a Start, but What's Next?

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Christopher Wilkinson

Cybersecurity attacks are happening everywhere, and no business is immune from being targeted. Nearly every day, we hear about another breach. Many companies spend the majority of their time and effort on preventing these breaches, which is good – but often they forget about strengthening their capabilities to detect and respond to attacks. Over a quarter of companies don’t have a breach response plan or team in place, and 37% haven’t reviewed or updated their plans since their creation. This workshop focuses on how to fortify your dealership’s cybersecurity capabilities beyond prevention and help strengthen its detection and response capabilities. You will learn how to update your preparation plan and conduct exercises for response teams. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of cybersecurity insurance and important lessons learned from actual situations. You’ll gain tangible ideas and action steps that you can implement in your dealership to improve your cybersecurity program.

Tags: NADAShow, 2020, cybersecurity, prevention, ransomware, incident response team, security controls 

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