Change Redefined: Turn Uncertainty to Competitive Advantage

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Meridith Elliott Powell

Today’s marketplace is competitive, challenging and constantly shifting, to grow and compete you need a new set of strategies a new approach. In this session you’ll learn: innovative secrets to thriving in uncertainty; powerful strategies to anticipate change and create opportunity; cutting-edge tactics to increase your value in the marketplace; proven strategies for accelerating growth and gaining competitive advantage; and a vigorous plan for flawless execution. Success belongs to the professional who is ready to buck the status quo, one who sees change as opportunity rather than a threat. The professional who can balance razor like focus with the flexibility to leverage uncertainty. Courageously ask the hard questions. Increase your agility. Redefine then claim your position in the marketplace.

Tags: NADAShow, 2021, Digital Wholesaling, Data-based Pricing, Inventory turn, Disposition strategy, Decisioning

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