Unleash The Ultimate Competitive Advantage: Your Salespeople

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Jonathan Dawson, Sellchology; and Paul Sansone Jr., Sansone Jr's 66 Automall

Unleash the ultimate competitive advantage by creating a culture and processes that allow your salespeople to drive your business. Most dealerships focus on technology, inventory or pricing to compete in the marketplace. Discover how empowering your sales team to become their own brand and equipping them to be your marketplace ambassadors will help you increase your profits and dramatically decrease turnover. Hear from a dealer who used this approach to increase organic traffic, leads and sales. Customers choose his dealership because of fun and unique experiences his salespeople create, not because of the size of the discount. The session will teach attendees the mindset and three steps to unleashing the ultimate competitive advantage at their store. Participants will see real-life examples of how focusing on developing their people increases leads and dealership traffic and profits while reducing sales staff turnover.

Tags: NADAShow, 2018, N18FO05, dealer executive, variable operations, sales, team, training, branding, leads, organic traffic

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