Convert Facebook Ads To Offline Customers

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Scott Meyer

The average American spends over 50 minutes a day on Facebook. Market on Facebook and measure the conversion of your online ads to offline sales in this high-energy session. Scott Meyer from 9 Clouds will walk you through the who, what, how and why of Facebook ads. You’ll learn: Who should see your ads based on Facebook, Polk and credit card data and information from your CRM; what ads convert best online and which templates to use at your store; how to connect Facebook ads and leads directly to your CRM; why Facebook ads matter by using Facebook Analytics and Offline Events that show the offline conversion of online ads. At the end of this workshop, you will know the best practices to effectively market on Facebook and will understand advanced techniques such as CRM integration, click funnels and offline measurement.

Tags: NADAShow, 2018, N18DTM06, marketing, communications, Facebook, online ads, offline sales, analytics, click funnels, online conversations, offline measurements

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