How To Handle AP Complexities with Multiple Dealerships

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Pam Cichoke

Peterson Auto Group faced all the burdens of a legacy manual multi-dealership AP process, including costly, time-depleting payment runs; paper-crammed file cabinets; lots of unclaimed property; and the constant risk of fraud. The time had come for a holistic payment automation solution. In this webinar, we'll discuss tools that enable best-practice strategies for shifting to a modern payment model.

Listen to Nvoicepay VP of Sales Pam Cichoke and Peterson Auto Group Director of Operations Patsy Price to find out how Peterson enacted a streamlined AP process across multiple rooftops, enabled multiple remote approvals with just one click, reduced duplicate invoices and errors, and increased visibility across all payments.

Tags: NADA, Webinar, payment automation, accounts payable, financial

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