Implementing Change at Your Dealership

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David Steinberg

As a leader at your dealership, you clearly see the global pace of change and feel the pressures to evolve current practices. But it’s unlikely that your staff feels the same way. All too often the promises of good ideas and new technologies wilt under your staff’s desire to maintain the status quo. Incremental Change is the change management practice that helps leaders focus on small adjustments that lead to big results without the internal fight. This webinar will focus on the macro- and micro-changes you can make within your dealerships to improve clarity, employee satisfaction and, most importantly, sales performance. Leaving the session, expect to have your perceptions challenged and practical steps identified to support your quest for innovation and improvement.

Tags:  Webinar, NADA, Online, Refreshing, candid, change, change management, sales performance, data-driven, innovative, practical

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