How to Optimize Your Owner Retention Program (ORP)

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Courtney Evens

Most auto dealerships do some, if not all, of their service marketing with their manufacturer owner retention programs (ORPs). The purpose of ORPs is stated in the name: to build customer loyalty. But how well do these programs deliver on that promise? The results from ORPs are all over the board. Some dealerships effectively use ORPs to increase customer retention, while other dealers experience lackluster results. The premise behind ORPs is to stay in touch with sold customers, bring them back in for service and continue servicing them through their ownership life cycle until they're ready to buy again. But many dealerships' owner retention programs under perform due to a "one size fits all" marketing strategy. If you're sending out mailers and emails once a month with an offer based on what you think customers will respond to, you are not getting optimal results. Join Courtney Evans, Affinitiv’s VP of Product, for this enlightening webinar. Evans will guide you through the good, the bad and the ugly about today’s manufacturer ORPs. She’ll also reveal 9 proven strategies to help turn your ORP from a marketing tool into a relationship and revenue building tool.

Tags:Owner Retention Program, ORP, service marketing, fixed ops marketing, fixed ops revenue

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