Retail Warranty Reimbursement: A 360 Degree View

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Joseph Jankowski

Forty-five states now allow for warranty claims to be reimbursed at “retail.” That’s where the simplicity ends, and the complexity begins. Much has changed in the last few years and this session will highlight the current state of retail reimbursement. We will focus on the manufacturers’ behavior, and how they have made submission approvals so much more difficult. In addition to examining the dynamic for warranty parts at retail, there will be an emphasis on Labor Rate Increases; contrasting factory and statutory submissions, and which is more advantageous to dealers. This session will define the opportunity, the challenges and solutions in an area that may just be one of the most misunderstood subjects in the retail automotive industry.

Tags: Comprehensive, eye opening, fact-based, a myth-buster, a bottom-line game changer.

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