3rd Party Data in Sales & Service Conquest Campaigns

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Courtney Evans

Despite your best marketing efforts, a small percentage of customers drop out of your DMS or CRM every day. Over time, small percentages add up to large percentages. Sales and service conquest campaigns can effectively replace these customers, but marketing to your entire primary market area (PMA) can be expensive. Enter third-party data. Vehicle data, customer data and shopper data can be gathered from many sources. This data provides the intelligence to create highly targeted and personalized communications designed to engage individuals based on their current needs and behavior. The more data you have, the more relevant and cost-effective your conquest campaigns are. Having the right data is only the first step in an effective conquest strategy. The next step is knowing what to do with the data. You might have the world's best list of auto intenders, but unless you know what message to send to them, when to send it and how to send it, that list is not going to deliver optimal results. In this webinar, digital marketing expert Courtney Evans reveals how to use third-party data in sales and service conquest campaigns. She shares proven strategies to attract and retain new customers, and the best ways to engage and communicate with sales and service prospects. She'll explain the importance of messaging, relevancy, timing and method of delivery, and how the use of third-party data in a digital, omnichannel approach maximizes results. In sales and service conquest campaigns, use of third-party data is essential for long-term growth of your customer database and revenue. In this webinar you'll learn the most effective strategies for leveraging third-party data to increase marketing reach, frequency, response rates and ROI.


Tags: sales conquest, service conquest, third-party data, conquest marketing, conquest campaigns.

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