Stop Using an Old Process in a New World

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Jeff Risner

Consumers appreciate Amazon and Apple because they listen and deliver. In contrast, our industry is nowhere close to providing the experience today’s digital savvy car buyers want. Instead of listening to what they want, we tell them what to do. Yes, adaption is challenging when you interact with consumers every four to five years – versus every day – but it’s never been more important. We sell versus letting people buy. We use technology to generate leads instead of creating an exceptional experience. We reskin old processes instead of implementing new processes that resonate with consumers. We offer a confusing and challenging trade-in process in spite of the fact that trade-ins represent over 8 million dealer retail opportunities each year. It’s time to evolve or get left behind. Your customers want a transparent, connected, and consistent process. There's a new expectation in town. It's time to deliver. This webinar will show you how to deliver. Every. Single. Time


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