Safety Recalls: Think You’re Covered?

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Mark Paul

There's a lot of misinformation and therefore confusion with safety recalls. Most dealers are unaware of the safety recall errors and timing delays that exist in the safety recall information from SaferCar, NHTSA, VHRs and even the OEMs. As a result, dealers are either buying and selling vehicles with open safety recalls and don't know it, or they are checking multiple sources on every vehicle every day to catch safety recalls, which is cost-prohibitive. Chasing down the actual open safety recall status is time-consuming and makes it difficult to know the accurate recall status on your inventory in a timely manner. We are concerned that dealers think they are covered, because they do not know about delayed and error-prone safety recall information. We want to help educate them about the situation, provide examples of these errors, recall trends in the industry and share what best-practice dealers are doing to protect themselves and their customers. It is NOT a 'sales seminar'; focusing on the problem and issues dealers face - and might not even know it!

tags: Safety Recalls, Compliance, Liability, Best Practices

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