Drop the Mic: Do Your Month-End Close in One Day

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Brian Brueggeman

Is it possible to complete your dealership’s month-end close in one day – without burning out your accounting staff and driving everyone crazy? Yes, you can do it and gain a lot in the process. A fast monthly close can help you manage your business better and focus quickly on troublesome issues. Streamlining the month-end close gives you accurate financial information for timely analysis, more informed decision-making, and swift reaction to items of interest. This webinar discusses how to change your dealership’s culture, adopt new processes, get your vendors on board, and use technology to achieve this goal. You’ll come away with clear advice and actionable steps for achieving a fast and efficient month-end close. You’ll be the envy of your peers as you streamline the month-end close and help to manage your business better.

Keywords: business, management, accounting, finance, strategy

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