Accounting Series #1 Cash Management

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Tim Hommer

The first and most important job of a CFO, Controller, or Office Manager is the protection of all assets; cash and equivalent being the most liquid and the most vulnerable. You should review all process in the Balance Sheet and Income Statements. They should be clearly written and assigned to accounting personal, and every process should have someone cross trained so that the absence of one person does not end the process. Cash Management includes all Cash Accounts, Contracts in Transit, S&P Accounts Receivables, Warranty Receivables, Payables, Floor Plan Payoffs and Funding, as well as upcoming Payrolls. These all influence cash flow daily. In this seminar i show an overview of Cash Management by reviewing the process for daily cash flow, contracts in transit, service and parts receivables, and warranty receivables.

Tags: 2018, webinar, Tim, Hommer, cash management, financial management, cash, accounting

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