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Nick Notte

While all businesses are interested in generating revenue, dealers are especially interested in how fast it flows through their operation. Dealership revenue derives from not only new and used vehicles, but also from parts, service, and finance and insurance. Investing in the right resources to run an effective, quality body shop can help dealers soften the ups and downs of annual new and used car sales, improve the customer experience when choosing a dealership to purchase a vehicle from, and recruit and retain the right talent inside and outside the service department. Once a vehicle is involved in a major collision, brand loyalty is often damaged as well. Dealers who want to maintain a steady revenue flow and maintain brand loyalty must support quality training for their technicians and body shop partners. By offering customers a first-rate experience from the moment they hand their keys over to the moment they drive off in their vehicle, dealers can reduce the tendency for vehicle owners to abandon their brand and model after a bad shop experience. Now, more than ever, dealers must ensure technicians are up to speed on the latest in vehicle technology and repair procedures to maximize profitability and strengthen brand loyalty. I-CAR’s Nick Notte, senior vice president – sales and marketing, will discuss OEM-specific repair trends affecting dealers and how I-CAR helps dealers increase revenue and accelerate cash flow by improving the quality and speed to complete body shop repairs. I-CAR is a not-for-profit organization focused on ensuring that collision repair technicians have the knowledge and skills needed to perform complete, safe and quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of the consumer. The organization was created by the industry, for the industry, in 1979.

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