3 Easy Steps

Capitol building

By participating in NADA/ATD’s growing “grassroots connection,” you can educate legislators about dealer issues, and show how their decisions in Washington affect your dealership and employees back home.

Step 1
Setting Up the Meeting

Contact NADA/ATD for talking points, handouts and help in scheduling face-to-face meetings with legislators.

The Dealership Visit

A dealership tour allows a legislator to meet your employees and learn about dealers’ legislative priorities.
  • Contact NADA/ATD, which will coordinate your schedule with the legislator’s office and arrange a visit.
  • A visit/tour usually takes an hour and should include all departments and meeting your employees.
  • Conclude the tour with a discussion about key dealer policy issues. 

Meeting at a Legislator’s District (or State) Office

These meetings usually are informal and relaxed.
  • Call the district or state office, and ask to speak with the district director or scheduler.
  • Ask to schedule a 30-minute meeting to discuss key dealer policy issues.

Meeting at a Legislator’s Washington, D.C., Office

NADA/ATD can help set up these meetings, which require more planning and are often just 15 minutes. Be sure to educate the legislator’s staff—who usually attend such meetings—since they advise the legislator on policy positions.
Step 2
During the Meeting
Legislators average a dozen meetings a day, so remember the three W’s to make the meeting most effective:


  • Tell a personal story about your business. Legislators are more likely to remember a compelling story accompanied with facts. 
  • Describe how many employees you have, how long you have been in business, how much you pay in taxes and contribute to local charities, that you are a member of the National Automobile Dealers Association/American Truck Dealers..


  • Be clear and concise. Focus on just one or two important policy issues (see nada.org)  
  • Listen, even if the legislator's perspective is different from your own.


Explain what you would like the legislator to do and ask for a response. (For example, you may ask the legislator to cosponsor legislation or support a specific bill.)  
Step 3
After the Meeting

Thank the legislator, and offer to be a resource in the future. Contact NADA/ATD and report on the meeting or dealership visit, so NADA/ATD staff can follow up with the legislator or staff.

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