Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Boost for Safety: Give Kids a Lift for Life?
    Boost for Safety is a national campaign sponsored by NADA — in partnership with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) — to educate dealers, parents and children about the importance of using booster seats and to help ensure that children are riding safely in automobiles.

  • What differentiates Boost for Safety from other booster seat programs?
    Although some manufacturers have had booster seat programs in the past, the Boost for Safety campaign is the first time that all franchised dealers will have the opportunity to be involved in a national education program about correctly restraining child passengers.

  • What is a booster seat?
    Booster seats offer children a safe transition from child seats with their own harness systems to adult lap/shoulder belts. Booster safety seats are designed to raise children up so that the safety belt fits correctly — the shoulder belt should cross the child's chest and rest snugly on the shoulder, and the lap belt should rest low across the pelvis or hip area.

  • When does a child need a booster seat?
    Children between the ages of 4 and 8 (around 40-80 pounds) — unless 4'9" — should be properly restrained in booster seats, as they have generally outgrown child safety seats, yet are too small for adult lap-shoulder belts to fit safely alone.

  • What kind of booster seat is best for my child?
    Statistics show that four out of five child safety seats are used incorrectly. No one seat is "best" for all children or all vehicles. Therefore the best child safety/booster seat is the one that fits the child and the vehicle, and which will be used correctly on each trip.

    Boost for Safety recommends that you consult with a certified child passenger safety technician, who will inspect your currently installed safety seat and/or will help you choose the appropriate seat for your child and your vehicle(s). The technician will also help ensure that the seat is installed correctly in your vehicle(s) and teach you how to install it correctly yourself.

  • Where can I get my booster seat inspected or installed?
    A child safety seat inspection station is the most common place you can go to get your child safety seats checked. At an inspection station, trained technicians (who complete a standardized AAA-certified course) are on hand to inspect and correct the installation of child safety seats.

    Inspection stations are located at local dealerships, police stations, fire houses, hospitals, and many more places. To locate an inspection station in your area, please visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website:

    Inspection stations can be identified by calling 1-866-SEAT-CHECK or visiting

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