Invite a Member of Congress to Your Dealership

Sen. Grassley at Quad City Peterbilt_March 2018_1200x630
U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) meets with representatives of Quad City Peterbilt in March 2019

Hosting a Member of Congress

Most Senators and Representatives are not familiar with how an auto dealership works. When members of Congress learn about your business, they become better informed about how their actions affect your ability to grow your business. Congressional dealership visits are an excellent starting point for building long-term relationships with members of Congress. Building these relationships is critical to helping dealers achieve their legislative goals.


Q:  If I am not sure of NADA's current policy positions, can I still host a member of Congress at my dealership?
A:  Yes. The foremost issue that any member of Congress cares about is jobs in his or her district. All you need to do is show the wide variety of people you employ and how you create economic opportunity in your town.

Q:  Is it easy to host a member of Congress without making any major preparations?
A:  Yes. This can be as informal as you wish. It can be as simple as having the Congressman stop by, talk to a few employees and see your operations.  

Taking Action:

  1. Find out when your Member will be back home in your district.
  2. Contact Patrick Calpin at 202.547.5500 or to coordinate scheduling your Member's visit to your dealership.
  3. Work with NADA's Legislative office to ensure you maximize the impact of your Member's time at your dealership.