The Ambassadors Program gives dealers, companies, associations or individuals the opportunity to make truly meaningful contributions. These critical funds go back to help the underpinnings of their success: their communities, their industry and their nation.

 Demonstrate your leadership in the retail auto industry and join the more than 800 Ambassadors who are already committed to their communities.

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With a contribution of $10,000 to the Ambassadors Program, you or any person or entity you designate, is named an Ambassador of the Foundation.  Beginning three years after the full amount has been received, a grant will be presented every three years in the Ambassador’s name to a non-profit organization selected by the Ambassador, which may be an educational institution in the private or public sector, an institution involved in economic education, or an emergency medical organization. The grant amount is reviewed periodically by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees to ensure that the amount is supported by investment returns.

While the Foundation has never failed to convey the every-three-years gift of Ambassadors, it is recognized that the Board of Trustees is allowed to reduce, delay or suspend gifting during times when, in its judgment, dire economic circumstances make such actions prudent or necessary. In any event, the commitment to maintain the "in perpetuity" principle is paramount.

To enroll in the program or for more information call 703.821.7102.