A Dealer Guide to Body Shop Marketing

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SP31_BSMarketing_150wEvery revenue-generating department of a dealership should be profitable, and the body shop is no exception. This guide discusses how to promote your body shop to the full array of potential customers: insurance adjusters, fleet companies, used-car dealerships, new-vehicle owners, service customers, dealerships without body shops, and the general public. A Dealer Guide to Body Shop Marketing also addresses how to develop a written marketing plan, as well as a mission statement, long- and short-term goals, and SWOT analysis.

The body shop’s selling points and benefits are the core of your marketing message, and should be conveyed to every customer. You should find out how customers prefer to be contacted and make that your default mode of communicating with them. This guide also addresses how you can deploy CRM systems and automated email marketing campaigns to maximize your body shop’s profitability.

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