Hybrid/Electric Vehicles

Consumers Overwhelmingly See Personal Vehicle Ownership as Key to Future Mobility
Consumer demand for personal vehicle ownership remains overwhelmingly strong across all demographics, according to a new study commissioned by the National Automobile Dealers Association.
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Dealership of Tomorrow
Electric Vehicle (EV) Training, Certification, Marketing, and Support (PDF)

Embracing Electrification: A Customer-First Approach (PDF)

EV Battery Lifecycle Management (PDF)

EV Transition Relies on America’s Franchise Network, Says Georgia Auto Dealer
Franchised new-car dealers are all-in on electric vehicles and are essential to greater adoption of EVs in more areas of the country, particular across rural America.
Green Dealerships
NADA provides dealers with an array of resources on how to reduce their waste output, decrease their energy use, and to comply with regulatory mandates in the most positive and efficient way possible.
Less Repairs for EVs? Maybe, maybe not (PDF)

NADA Chairman Wes Lutz Injects Dose of Reality Into Mobility Debate

In remarks to the Automotive Press Association on Oct. 9, NADA Chairman Wes Lutz injected a dose of reality into the conversation about the future of mobility, directly challenging media narratives suggesting that ride-hailing will replace personal vehicle ownership, that self-driving vehicles will be immeasurably safer than human drivers, and that dealers are reluctant to sell electric vehicles.

NADA Responds to California ZEV Announcement
NADA responds to California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s executive order to ban the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles in 2035.
NADA Statement on Auto Innovators’ EV Charging Infrastructure Principles
NADA released a statement in connection with the Alliance for Automotive Innovation’s EV Charging Infrastructure Principles.
NADA Update on EV Tax Credit
The House Ways and Means Committee debated electric vehicle (EV) tax credits as part of the budget reconciliation bill. NADA supports tax credits to incentivize the purchase of EVs, but cannot support the bill in its current form.
U.S. Economic Trends Point to a Solid Auto Sales Environment in 2019
Several macroeconomic trends bode well for both U.S. new and used vehicle sales in 2019, said Patrick Manzi, senior economist with the National Automobile Dealers Association.