Labor and Employment

Accessories Manager
Accounts Payable Clerk
Accounts Receivable Clerk
Air Conditioning Technician
Alignment Technician
Assistant Sales Manager
ATD Dealership Workforce Study

The ATD Dealership Workforce Study provides data that dealers can use to fine tune employee compensation, benefits, training and more.

Automotive Career Month Kicks off in April
At a time when the U.S. economy is sputtering and automakers are downsizing, the nation’s new-car and truck dealers have a positive story to tell about the thousands of well-paying jobs currently available at dealerships across the country.
Automotive Salesperson
Automotive Youth Educational Systems (AYES)
AYES (Automotive Youth Educational Systems) is a new approach for hiring and training automotive technicians. It is a national partnership of automobile manufacturers and dealers and education departments in many states around the country. 
Billing Clerk
Billing Manager
Body Shop Administrative Assistant
Body Shop Body Technician
Body Shop Damage Appraiser
Body Shop Estimator
Body Shop Foreman
Body Shop Manager
Body Shop Painter
Body Technician
Brake Technician
Business Development Center Manager
Business Manager
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