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The Legacy Program

The Foundation’s Legacy Program was established in 1997 to recognize those who have committed to the Foundation in their estate planning. The program is helpful to those who wish to take advantage of the Foundation’s 501(c)(3) status.

Specific designations may be proposed by donors in their plans. However, a pledge to the Legacy Program can be made to any of the Charitable Foundation’s programs in the areas of emergency medical care, economic education or private sector higher education. The memorial funds or the Emergency Relief Fund are other possibilities. In this way, members of the automotive family are provided a unique opportunity to leave bequests that reflect their life’s work.

The Foundation will work to assist individuals and their estate planning counsels to fulfill their desires in structuring a plan that fits their needs and goals. Legacy members may realize the benefits of restricted or unrestricted giving as a planning mechanism, which assures that their wishes shall be maintained and guarded by the board of trustees of the Foundation.

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