Assessing your Expenses to Improve Your Profits

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Doug Austin

Dealerships are still under significant pressure to preserve cash and reduce costs today. Due to the COVID impact on staffing levels, most dealerships have fewer people to do that cost cutting work. This session will help you get to your targeted cost reduction and profit improvement objectives faster.

StrategicSource will share updated cost reduction results from their extensive 2020 Sourcing to help lead you and your groups to the best cost reduction, audit recovery and new revenue generation opportunities for 2021. Their extensive database of spend and price benchmarks will be helpful in crafting effective cost reduction strategies with your suppliers.

Join Doug Austin, President of StrategicSource, a leader in spend management services for the auto and trucking dealerships industries as he shares his expertise and historical results in expense categories that can have an immediate financial impact. Doug will provide meaningful data and pricing examples as well as strategies and tactics to drive bottom line improvements.

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