National Automobile Dealers Association

What We Do

 MembershipThe National Automobile Dealers Association, founded in 1917, represents nearly 16,000 new-car and -truck dealerships, both domestic and international with more than 32,500 franchises. Today, about 90 percent of U.S. new-vehicle dealerships are NADA members. New-car dealers employ about 900,000 people in the United States.

 NADA University presents educational programs for dealers and their employees online, on video and in print. Academy training comprises a host of dealer educational programs. Same-make dealers meet regularly to solve problems and exchange ideas and information in 20 Group. Dealership Operations provides services and training programs to help member dealers improve their business operations and bottom-line performance. 

 Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits (NADART): Provides comprehensive retirement plan administration and investment services designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. NADART has served NADA members since 1957, and today manages nearly 2,000 plans covering approximately 100,000 participants with some $3 billion in assets. NADART’s products and services include exemplary fiduciary support, flexible plan design, online investment guidance, a broad range of investment options, and Executive/Deferred Compensation Plans. Additional information is available at

 NADA Insurance: Provides an array of insurance products to cover business owners, their employees and their families. Term Life Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance and Retirement Accumulation Insurance programs give members the coverage they need to protect their assets, family and safeguard their financial security. More details on these products are available through

 National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization that donates CPR training equipment to health and safety organizations, provides grants to private/independent colleges and universities and helps dealership employees whose lives have been devastated by natural disasters.

 Convention and Exposition plans the largest and most prestigious automotive industry event of the year, the NADA annual convention and exposition. The exposition hosts hundreds of companies featuring products and services dealers can use in the everyday operation of their dealerships. General sessions with prominent keynote speakers, topical educational workshops and franchise meetings attract tens of thousands of attendees.

 NADA Used Car Guide has provided used-vehicle valuation products and services to the auto, finance, fleet/lease, government and insurance industries since 1933. NADA Used Car Guide also offers the e-Valuator family of valuation software, various developer tools, the ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truck Guide®, AuctionNet® Online, raw and back history data, consumer and business Web sites ( and and a full line of appraisal guides for vehicles, including RV’s, boats and motorcycles.

 Public Affairs is responsible for media and public relations, marketing and communications, both print and online. Public Affairs publishes a number of newsletters, including Legislative Update, Washington Insider, and Regulatory Review. Electronic publications include NADA Headlines, a daily summary of top industry news e-mailed directly to members and NADA’s flagship Web site,, which serves as the hub of a family of association Web sites. NADA-TV, which is broadcast during the annual convention, is produced by the group.

 Legislative Affairs represents new-car and -truck dealer interests before the U.S. Congress, including a wide range of business, trade, energy and environmental issues that could impact the success of their businesses and the security of the nearly 900,000 people they employ.

 Regulatory Affairs protects and promotes franchised car and truck dealership interests before the federal administrative agencies. Each year, Regulatory Affairs monitors and analyzes hundreds of federal regulatory issues and proposals, evaluating them for potential dealership impacts. Regulatory Affairs also helps to formulate NADA policy positions on those issues and, through written comments, testimony and, if necessary, legal action, advocates dealership interests before the federal agencies and judiciary.

 Industry Relations addresses all major issues affecting dealer/manufacturer relations. Industry Relations promotes communication between manufacturers and member dealers via franchise-specific meetings and NADA’s exclusive biannual dealer attitude survey. The Industry Analysis department conducts economic and industry analysis for internal and external use.

 Legal Affairs represents the interest of dealers in the legal, federal regulatory and franchise arenas. This involves the monitoring and analysis of federal administrative activities, the formation of NADA policies on these matters and the preparation of guides and bulletins to assist dealers in complying with federal requirements. The group analyzes dealer franchise agreements and manufacturer policies, maintains a state franchise law reporting program and assists ATAEs and dealers on franchise and state law matters. In addition, the group performs corporate legal work for NADA and its affiliated entities and is responsible for the NADA Legal Defense Fund.

 Information Technology assists dealers in understanding information technology issues, including use of the Internet, and acquiring the best available technologies at competitive prices. IT is also leading an industry-wide effort to develop voluntary dealership computer and communications system standards that will be adopted by all manufacturers and dealer system vendors. Through the NADA Member IT Purchasing Program, dealers can purchase computer equipment at discounts and receive robust technical support.

 American Truck Dealers represents more than 1,900 medium- and heavy-duty-truck dealers. ATD members share in NADA’s programs, services and benefits, and can take advantage of the ATD 20 Group program, a performance-based business forum for truck dealers. A special committee of truck dealers, elected by ATD members, directs ATD. ATD hosts an annual convention and exposition for truck dealers and dealership managers.

 Dealers Election Action Committee, NADA’s political action committee, helps dealers contribute to the political election campaigns of pro-business, pro-dealer candidates for election or re-election to the U.S. Congress.