2009 ATD Truck of the Year Award


International Lonestar:
2009 ATD Truck of the Year International LonestarThe LoneStar provides comfort, serviceability and aerodynamics that delivers improved fuel economy. Inside, the LoneStar offers a work environment that converts to a living space. A fold-down Murphy bed-style bunk allows conversion from a sofa to a full 42-wide bunk with a one-piece spring mattress. The living area is defined by optional hardwood flooring or carpeting and driver’s seat with an optional massage feature. Automotive-style features include: Standard ABS, roll stability, traction control and Bluetooth integration for hands-free phone use. The truck can be equipped with 42 different accessories, ranging from lights to shift knobs to chrome. Kenworth and its world class engineers were not deterred by the challenges of the 2010 EPA engine emissions regulations. As it answer, the company introduced the T700, which advances Kenworth's rich aerodynamic legacy by delivering excellent low cost operation. The T700, which targets over the road and team drive operations, also provides outstanding driver comfort, advanced technology, and excellent residual value. The T700's ergonomic cab has modern dash styling, state-of-art multiplexed instrumentation, and the Kenworth Driver Information Center.