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The following recent and older updates cover regulatory changes or reminders that apply to new-car and -truck dealers. 


IRS Issues New Guidance on Accounting Method Changes (January 2015)


NADA Release on the Charles Rivers Associates Study  (November 2014)
Charles Rivers Associates Study
(November 2014)
Charles Rivers Associates Study Executive Summary
(November 2014)
IRS Finalizes Property Disposition Regulations
(August 2014)
IRS Issues Guidance on Tax Treatment of Manufacturer Imaging Payments (May 2014)
FTC Charges Arkansas Car Dealer with Not Displaying ‘Buyers Guides’
(March 2014)


IRS Issues Final Net Investment Income Tax Regulations (November 2013)
IRS Issues Final Tangible Property Regs (November 2013)
FTC Amends Alternative Fuels Rule
(April 2013)
What The New Tax Bill Means For You
(January 2013) 
FTC Proposes No Substantive Changes to Cooling-Off Rule (January 2013)
IRS Alerts Taxpayers to Tangible Property Regulations Revisions (January 2013)  


IRS Addresses Accountable Plan Requirements (September 2012)
NHTSA: Counterfeit Air Bag Alert (October 2012)
FTC Announces Enforcement Action Against Dealer for Alleged Data Security Violations (June 2012)
NADA and NHTSA issue new guide on NHTSA's 5 Star Safety Rating Label (June 2012)
Tax Court Rules Against Modifying Purchase Price Allocation for Cost Segregation Study (May 2012)
FTC Issues Press Release on Enforcement Action Against Dealership Advertising Policies (March 2012)
NADA Comments on MY 2017-2025 EPA/NHTSA Fuel Economy Proposal (34MB, February 2012)
MVTS Issues Automotive Alert on Factory Image Upgrade Payments (February 2012)
IRS Issues Regulations Regarding Capitalization of Property Improvement Costs (January 2012)


NLRB Releases Poster Required for Employers Subject to the National Labor Relations Act (September 2011)
IRS Postpones FHUT Due Date
(September 2011)
FTC Issues Auto Warranty 'Consumer Alert' (August 2011)
FRB Proposes Lifting July 21 Compliance Date for New Small Business Data Collection and Reporting Requirement (June 2011)
SBA Announces New Dealer Floorplan Pilot Program (February 2011) 
IRS—MVTA Issues Automotive Alert Summarizing New UNICAP Safe Harbors (January 2011)
Body Shops Must Comply with EPA's Hazardous Air Pollutant Rule (January 2011)
NADA Urges Overturn of California Waiver (January 2011)


NLRB Proposes Poster Requirement for Employers Subject to National Labor Relations Act (December 2010)
New Mexico Pre-emption Litigation Ends (December 2010)
EPA/NHTSA Ease Pace of Light-Duty CAFE/GHG Standards (December 2010)
IRS Creates UNICAP Safe Harbor Methods for Dealers (November 2010)
EPA/NHTSA Propose New Fuel Economy Labels (November 2010)
Former ATD Chairman Treadway Testifies on Truck CAFE (November 2010)
IRS Offers New LIFO Items for March, June and September 2010 (November 2010)
The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 Extends Tax Benefits for Business-Use Vehicles (November 2010)
2011 Annual Fuel Economy Guide Now Available (November 2010)
Small Business Administration Revises Auto Dealer Size Standards (October 2010)
EPA Extends SPCC Deadline to November 10, 2011 (October 2010)
Small Business Jobs Act Dealer Benefits Include Floorplan Assistance (September 2010)
IRS Offers Details on New Small Business Health Care Tax Credit (May 2010)
Payroll Tax Exemption Form for Hiring New Workers Now Available (May 2010)
New Federal Law Includes Tax Benefits for Employers (April 2010)
Stimulus Legislation Mandates Temporary COBRA Premium Relief (Updated March 2010)


LIFO Fact Sheet (June 2009)

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