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The following links go to recent federal agency publications that impact NADA members, listed from newest to oldest:

IRS-- Guidance on Tax Treatment of Manufacturer Imaging Payments (May 2014)
IRSModifies the procedures regarding certain changes in method of accounting for dispositions of tangible depreciable property (February 2014)
IRS-- Chassis Renovation (January 2014)
FTC— Issues Warning About “Drip Pricing” (November 2012)
FTC— Issues Report on the Use of “Up to” Claims (June 2012)
IRSAddresses Accountable Plan Requirements (September 2012)
FTCConsumer Alert on Negative Equity and Auto Trade-Ins (March 2012)
IRSMVTS Issues Automotive Alert Regarding the Capitalization of Tangible Property (February 2012)
IRSMVTS Issues Automotive Alert on Factory Image Upgrade Payments (January 2012)
IRS—Alternative LIFO New Items List (January 2012)
FTC—Auto Warranty 'Consumer Alert' (January 2012)
IRS—Extends the FHUT Return Due Date (July 2011)
IRS—Addresses Status of Federal Highway Use Tax  (July 2011)
IRS—Addresses FET Issues in Cross-Border Transactions (May 2011)
IRS—Legal Memorandum Addresses Tool Plan (March 2011)
IRS—Field Advice Addresses Deductibility of Goodwill for Terminated Franchise (March 2011) 
IRS—MVTA Issues Automotive Alert Summarizing New UNICAP Safe Harbors (January 2011)
IRS—Private Letter Ruling Addresses Resale Exemption Certificates and FET Tax Base Determination (January 2011)
IRS—Revenue Procedure 2010-44 Creates UNICAP Safe Harbor Methods for Dealers
(November 2010)
IRS—HIRE Act Includes Two New Tax Benefits for Employers (April 2010)
IRS—HIRE Act: Questions and Answers for Employers (April 2010)
IRS—Memo Addresses UNICAP Compliance (September 2009)
IRS—Memo Addresses LIFO Issues Related to Lost Franchise (August 2009)
IRS—MVTA Alert on Tax Consequences of CARS Payments to Dealers
(July 2009)
IRS—Private Letter Ruling Addresses Employee Tool Plan (July 2009)
FTC—FAQs on Red Flags and Address Discrepancy Rules (June 2009)
FTC—A Four-Step Process for Creating an ITPP (May 2009)
IRS—Non-Taxpayer Specific Legal Advice Regarding FET On Modified Vehicles (April 2009)
IRS—Business Vehicle Deduction/Section 179 Expensing (April 2009)
IRS—2009 Sales and Excise Tax Deductions for New-Vehicle Buyers
 (March 2009)
IRS—Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit
 (Includes Hybrids, Fuel Cells, and Lean-Burn Vehicles) (February 2009)
IRS—Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit Alert (February 2009)
IRS—“Cash Reporting and Your Dealership—Questions and Answers on Form 8300” (February 2009)
IRS—Dealership Inventory Write-Down Methodology and Documentation (February 2009)
IRS—Loaner Vehicle Depreciation Guidance (January 2009)
IRS—Internal Legal Memorandum 200825044 (May 2008)
IRS—Automotive Alert on Cost Segregation
 (March 2008)
IRS—Revenue Procedure 2008-23
 (March 2008)
IRS—Technical Advice Memorandum 200736026 Automotive 
 (January 2008)

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