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Take The 2013 NADA/ EPA Energy Star Benchmarking Survey


Since 2007, National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) has partnered with Enivronmental Protection Agency (EPA) to educate dealerships on energy reduction and cost saving opportunities and strategies.  NADA is conducting an energy use survey of its members to learn more about how dealerships use energy.  The goal is to create a performace rating for dealerships to enable dealerships to earn an ENERGY STAR designation for their dealership.  Take the survey online here. To view a hard copy of the survey and/or submit the survey via email, click here.

Materials Needed

Before beginning the survey, it may be helpful to gather the following materials and data:

1. The square footage totals for various parts of your dealership such as the parking areas and the showroom.
2. The types of energy your dealership uses to heat, cool and power your facility.
3. They number of certian types of equipment your facility uses such as lifts, computers and refrigerators. For a complete list, please click here.
4. Information about your dealership's energy consumption in 2012.  This information includes data from your facility's meter readings for 2012 and can be found on your utility bills.
NADA-TV Report:

Are you a company doing business with dealerships? If you assist your dealer clients with the NADA/ATD Energy Star Benchmarking Survey, the NADA Energy Ally program is for you! Businesses, such as accounting and energy management firms, that assist at least five dealerships complete the survey will be awarded the NADA Energy Ally designation.  This designation, which can be used for each company‚Äôs marketing purposes, includes the use of the NADA Energy Ally logo and recognition by NADA as a participant in this program.

Ready to participate?  Fill out this short application here and email the completed application

Use of the NADA Energy Ally Logo constitutes an agreement to the NADA Energy Ally Program Terms of Use. Read them here.