Administrative Careers

Franchised dealers employ a variety of administrative staff necessary to support and coordinate operations. Competitive pay and opportunity for advancement are available to office managers, comptrollers, secretaries, accounting managers, cashiers, telephone operators, bookkeepers and clerks.

Computers are used extensively in auto dealerships to assist in record keeping and accounting, new- and used-car sales, finance and insurance sales, parts inventory management and repair order scheduling.

The office manager is responsible for organizing, supervising and coordinating administrative operations, which include payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable, inventory control, benefits management and human resources. Often he or she has worked their way up from an entry level position.

The top administrative post is general manager, who is often the dealership owner as well. He or she is responsible for the successful operation of the entire dealership. This position requires excellent business management skills and experience in all dealership departments.

Finally, ultimate responsibility for the success of the dealership rests with the dealership owner or president. Franchises are awarded only to individuals who demonstrate that they will be good representatives of the manufacturers in their local communities. This takes proven automobile experience, management skills, personal integrity and financial backing.

Keep in mind that, although many dealerships have been in the hands of a family for generations, many dealers come up through the ranks, starting at the bottom of the dealership ladder and progressing upward through hard work, talent and ambition. You can, too.

Careers at Dealerships