Green Resources

Use these resources to promote your green efforts:

Green campaign toolkit The toolkit, A New Car is a Green Car, is your how-to guide for raising awareness of your own green initiatives, as well as those of the entire auto industry.
Green consumer brochure Our green brochure, Green Checkup: Maintenance Tips to Help You Save Gas is designed for dealers to hand out free to consumers.
"Green Checkup" artwork and logos Download high-resolution copies of the official Green Checkup logos. Right click and save the images once they appear: 

Green Checkup gas gauge logo 
(62KB gif) (1286KB jpg)
Green Checkup Web button
(302KB pdf) (590KB jpg)
Green Checkup decal
(192KB jpg) (673KB jpg)
Checkup billboard image 
(11MB pdf) (2463KB jpg) (12KB jpg) 
Op-ed article View a sample editorial for submission to your local newspaper(s). 
Press release and media advisory — Download sample documents you can use to promote your Green Checkup event to the media. 
CO2 Fact Sheet — Download everything you ever wanted to know about carbon dioxide, including which industries are the world's highest emitters of CO2.
Fuel Economy Savings Chart — View our chart, which offers tips for improving fuel economy, and calculates exactly how much gas is saved with each step. Annualized cost savings are included.

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