Green Campaign

A New Car Is a Green Car

NADA's new Green Campaign — with the theme A New Car Is a Green Car is designed to raise awareness of how the auto industry is increasing fuel economy through innovation and new technologies.

Anytime a consumer buys a vehicle — new or used — that gets better gas mileage than their current one, it's a green move. A recent article in Consumer Reports made the same point:  "The best way to burn less fuel is to buy a car that gets better gas mileage." This is the foundation of our green campaign theme.

Benefits of Participating in a Green Campaign

By participating in a green campaign, you can position your dealership as a valuable resource for green driving and maintenance; reach out to the people in your community to raise awareness of ways to reduce greenhouse gases from vehicles; strengthen relationships with members of Congress and other key policy makers; and generate favorable media coverage of your efforts.

NADA Offers Green Toolkit for Dealers and Handouts for Consumers

To assist dealers, NADA produced a toolkit containing Green Campaign strategies for dealerships, including how-to instructions for hosting events such as a green vehicle checkup. Download the toolkit here or at right.

 Green Campaign Toolkit
download here

Need More?

Click the button at right to get other resources, such as:

  • A consumer brochure about driving green
  • The official Green Checkups logo
  • A sample op-ed for your local newspaper
  • A sample press release
  • And much more 

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