Get the Facts: The Benefits of Franchised Auto Dealers

The current franchised new-car dealer model has benefited consumers, manufacturers and local communities for nearly a century. It is supported by both dealers and factories as the best and most efficient way to buy, sell, service and finance cars in the marketplace. NADA’s Get the Facts page sets the record straight about the benefits of the franchise system for consumers and local communities all over America. 

New Video: The Benefits of Price Competition

Download the resources below Local franchised auto dealers:

Download the resources below  Fiercely compete for your business and drive consumer prices down. 
Download the resources below  Take the side of consumers in warranty and safety recalls. 
Download the resources below  Create good-paying local jobs and significant tax revenue for local communities. 
Download the resources below  Simplify an otherwise complex car-buying experience. 

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Watch the video  Video: Benefits of Franchised Dealers Watch the video  Video: Why Dealer Franchise Laws?   Video: The Benefits of Price Competition

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Fact Sheet: Benefits to Consumers
  Quick overview: Why Dealer Franchise Laws?   In-depth:
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  Maryann Keller Report: The Consumer Benefits of the Dealer Franchise System   Report: Why the Franchise System Works Best for Manufacturers   Infographic   Press Release
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