National Automobile Dealers Association

NADA Sponsorship/Advertising Terms & Conditions

All contents of sponsorships or advertisements are subject to NADA’s approval, which may be withheld if the content is determined at NADA’s sole discretion to be obscene, offensive, illegal, used without permission or otherwise inappropriate for the requested mode of presentation, whether print, electronic or other, at the Convention Center or otherwise associated with the 2015 NADA Convention & Expo. NADA reserves the absolute right to reject or cancel any sponsorship, advertisement, insertion order or position commitment at any time.

■  Only NADA Expo exhibiting  companies  are eligible to purchase NADA Show sponsorships  listed herein.
■  Insertion orders and cancellations must be received in writing on or before the space reservation deadline date to avoid penalty. Some orders non-cancelable.
■  All sponsors or advertisers are required to prepay. Special sponsors or advertisers may be subject to the same requirement. No exceptions.
■  Insertion orders are considered binding contracts.


■  NADA reserves the right to add the word “Advertisement” to any presentation that resembles editorial matter.
■  Positioning of sponsorships or advertisements is at the discretion of NADA.
■  NADA shall have no liability  for errors in key numbers, advertisers’  index or booth number  information.
■  No conditions  shall be binding  on NADA unless specifically  agreed to in writing  by NADA.
Rates are subject to change on notice from NADA.
■  Liability for content of any sponsorships or ads (text, representation, illustration, video or other presentation) is assumed by sponsors, advertisers and advertising agencies for any claims arising therefrom against NADA.
■  NADA is not liable for delays in delivery and/or non-delivery in the event of an Act of God, action by any governmental entity, fire, flood, insurrection, riot, explosion, embargo, strikes, labor or material shortage, transportation interruption of any kind, work slowdown or any condition beyond
the control of NADA affecting  production  or delivery in any manner.
■  NADA will not supply proof of purchase for any sponsorship  other than print.


■  Ad copy and stock weight  for inserts must be approved by NADA in advance of publication.
■  A final copy of the insert must be approved in advance of issue by NADA.
■  NADA has the right to require that the word “Advertisement” be printed on any insert resembling editorial or run-of-book material.
■  All inserts must meet U.S. Postal Service requirements.
■  All outserts polybagged  with an NADA publication  must read “Supplement to NADA’s (name of publication).”