Academy Curriculum & Class Weeks

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Academy programs (Dealer Candidate Academy, General Dealership Management and American Truck Dealers) include six intensive weeklong classroom sessions at NADA in McLean, Va., combined with hands-on practical application in each area of the dealership while back in the store.  
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Special Ops Certificate Programs allow dealership managers to attend any of the first five weeks of the Academy Program and hone skills specific to their needs. 

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Students are introduced to basic accounting principles and how to navigate the balance sheet and income statement at both the dealership and department level. Students learn how to interpret and analyze financial statements to identify performance improvement opportunities. More
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Students are exposed to the number one problem in the parts department—obsolescence—and its costs and root causes. Students discover the importance of having the correct inventory mix and its impact on other departments as well as the entire dealership’s financial performance. More
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Students are taught the importance of the service department and how it serves as the “backbone” of the dealership. Students will recognize the impact that properly designed processes have on both the service department and the entire dealership’s financial performance. More
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Students explore used-vehicle management, digital marketing, and showroom control. Students will be further challenged to evaluate traditional automotive strategies and analysis in the context of retailing in the internet age. More
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Students recognize that new-vehicle profitability is directly related to asset management—our employees, our customers, and our inventory. Students learn how processes in customer interaction and retention, F&I, leasing, and compensation plans affect profitability. More
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Students discover their individual leadership and management styles and their impact on others. Students apply the knowledge and skills gained throughout the first five weeks of the Academy in order to develop and present a business plan to their classmates. More