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Social media sites vary in size and discussion topics, however the large number of sites and the tens of millions of participating consumers provide opportunities for consumers to comment positively and otherwise about their retail experiences including those related to dealership sales and service.  Dealers can use a Reputation Management product to identify and address comments about the dealership from unhappy customers and unfavorable comments on Internet sites.  NADA University provides training on CRM topics, including reputation management. 

           Online Reputation Management FAQs

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Online Reputation Management Summary Definitions
Here are descriptions of the common features of reputation management services available for dealers.

1. Monitor social media sites 
Continuous monitoring of the top social media sites is needed. The following categories should included in the sites checked - collaborative projects, blogs, microblogs, content communities, and social networking sites. The vendor should indicate which sites are monitored and how frequently they are checked.

2. Search engine management 
Consumers frequently do not examine search results beyond the first page returned. Dealers should strive to have a consistent position on the first page of the search engine's results. Visibility on the first page will positively impact the number of consumer inquiries. That is why monitoring and addressing or mitigating dealership content on SERPs (search engine result pages) or mentions in social media and internet content are important. Activities may include pushing down the links of negative content so the links will not show when the dealership name is searched.

3. Negative comment notification 
Another important feature provided by vendors would include tracking what is written about a dealership on the Internet, notifying the dealership when negative content is found and providing an online forum for the dealership to address and resolve the consumer's comments and related topics. Receiving a negative comment concerning a customer’s experience provides the opportunity to address and resolve the situation, and demonstrate the dealership’s good will to the consumers participating in the social media site.

4. Promote positive comments 
The vendor would demonstrate how they track what is written about a dealership on the Internet, notify the dealership when positive and neutral content, and provide the dealership with online features to promote the content to at least the five categories of social media sites referenced above and the dealership's page one occur SERP.

5. Online reporting 
The vendor should provide dealership staff with periodic reporting features to highlight recent consumer comments pertaining to the dealership and the method and degree of resolution for each occurrence. The reports should provide dealership staff and management with reporting tools to measure the dealership's activities and the vendor’s effectiveness.

6. Send comments to CRM 
Automatically transfer the consumers' positive and negative comments to the dealership CRM and add the method of resolving the negative comments as they are available.


Online Reputation Management FAQs
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